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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

In one of my older posts I told you that I had given up my job. Well I thought I`d try to explain my reasons for this, partly because, although I`d given it a lot of thought, I feel a teeny bit guilty.
My Mum was diagnosed with alzhiemers disease 9 years ago and just over a year ago my Dad had to admit defeat and place her in a home.Although Mum is now at the stage where she doesn`t know who she is let alone us, we still visit her regularly. This means that my Dad is on his own now and to be honest he`s doing a sterling job of keeping the house clean and feeding himself. I thought it would be nice to have more time to spend with both of them while I still can.
I also have 3 grandchildren, Ruby, the youngest is just turned a year and I want to spend time with them too. They`re not children long enough as it is. My eldest grandaughter Charlotte is 13 going on 25 already and Nathan my beautiful grandson is growing up fast.
I have a couple of medical issues that are certainly not serious but can be quite painful sometimes ( actually I think I`m going bad from the neck down) and some of them I can`t even pronounce let alone spell.And, normal people get tennis elbow so how on earth did I manage to get GOLFERS ELBOW???
Any way in short I`ve only been left work for 5 weeks and already I don`t know how I found the time to go to work in the first place.
Right I`ve got that off my chest... still feel guilty though!!!

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  1. No need to feel guilty, you are right to spend the time with your loved ones. xxx


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