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Friday, 11 September 2009

Thought I`d died and gone to crafting Heaven

One day last week, after visiting Mum in the home and feeling pretty miserable in the rain, I decided to pop into one of the craft shops in town. It`s actually a fabric and dress making shop but they sell quite a bit of craft stuff so I thought I`d cheer myself up a bit. I couldn`t see any stamps in the shop and when I asked I was told that they were all upstairs and were half price so go and have a good rake. Well, rake I did and look what I found. They are by ART-KURE and should have been £9.99. I`ve never heard od art-kure stamps before but believe me they stamp up beautifully. I`d actually had my eye on some gorgeous sweetpea stamps from FLOURISHES.ORG but as they only sell in u.s.a. the postage is more than the stamps. I am so pleased with myself for finding these stamps, I`m almost beside myself

Any way it`s Mums birthday at the end of the month so this is the first card I`ve made. I`m really chuffed with it. Just wish my photographing skills would improve lol

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  1. these are absolutely stunning Lynne, very clean and fresh and very beautiful.



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