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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Spring has sprung

...well for now anyway. It`s a glorious day today, warm, hazy sunshine which shows up the dust everywhere. lol.Oh well you can`t have it all ways.

I had a bit of a `moment` yesterday :0  My computer is in my craft room in the loft (which is really just the roof space) and yesterday afternoon I was working merrily away. I`d taken a cup of coffee up with me but got so carried away with my crafting it got cold before I`d finished it. Anyway, when I`d done what I needed to I came down and put my cup on the bannister rail while I popped to the loo. I came out, went to grab my cup and knocked it on the floor. Isn`t it surprising how far an inch of coffee will go? It was all up the bedroom door and jamb, the wall and of course a puddle on the carpet. I set too and cleaned it up and thought no more about it. This morning I went to make the bed and noticed some stains on the duvet cover and realised at once that it was coffee but when I looked around I couldn`t believe my eyes. There were coffee runs all down the side of the wardrobe, from ceiling to floor and huge splatters on the ceiling itself about 8 feet into the room. How I missed them when I went to bed I have no idea. Should have gone to Specsavers I think rofl. Anyway the bedroom has had a quick spruce up and I haven`t found any more rogue coffee stains . From now on then, `No more coffee upstairs`!

My card today is a really quick bright sunny one.
I wanted to stamp white damask onto yellow card but my white ink just didn`t show up at all so I quickly sprinkled white embossing powder onto it and it came up much better. I`m quite pleased with the result actually because it gives the image a nice sheen.
The stamp is Elusive Images Damask Delights.
The flower is a mixture from my stash and I`ve finished it with a gem brad.
The sentiment is from Papertrey.

Thanks for popping in and I apologise for my ramble lol !!!
Lynne xxx


  1. ooh I love this, at first I thought it was pre printed paper because the image is so crisp and clean to look at - fab card.

  2. What a beautiful card, love it. I had to laugh about your coffee adventures, I know how you feel. I knocked an unopened can of John Smith's beer onto the floor in the kitchen, the widget went off and the can burst and sprayed everywhere. I didn't realise it had gone into the hall too and was up the wall, ceiling and on the paintings too.


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