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Thursday, 28 October 2010

I`m back.....again.

Bet you thought I`d been abducted by aliens or something!

Sorry, nothing so exciting. I had a long weekend last week so decided to move my craft room from the loft to the spare bedroom. Although the light up there is great first thing in a morning, now the nights are drawing in it`s dark and cold at the times I need it most. The spare bedroom was my middle daughters until she moved out and I hadn`t realised just how much stuff she`d left behind. Golly that girl can hoard!
I also didn`t realise just how much crafting stuff I had until I had to carry it all down the loft ladders. What I thought would be a a couple of days work turned into nearly a week and it still isn`t sorted properly. I`ve got bits and bobs that need to find a home and I`m not quite sure it`s working in the layout I have yet. Give it time, I`ll probably end up back in the loft. Not yet though, I`m shattered.

In the meantime I have been working ( on and off) on some Halloween goodies for the grandkids.
I used empty coffee jars that have a good seal on the lids.
The spider web papers are from Pinkpetticoat Halloween collection cut to size and punched along the top.
I`ve backed the DP onto plain matching paper and punched the tops of these too,
the girls with a Martha Stewart Doily punch and Nathans with a Fiskars punch.
I had great fun with the labels which I made on the computer and cut out with an oval nestie. The beauty of making your own is that you can be as gross as you like to match the sweets in the jars.
In Charlottes I used Eye balls, in Nathans, body parts and Ruby`s I used white chocolate buttons and called them spiders eggs.
All the sweets, creepy crawlies and tinsell are from Poundland and the chocolate buttons I bought in the supermarket.
I hope the kids have as much fun eating them as I did making them, hee hee!

On to my " Tip Of The Day",
Never use what you know is an unstable chair to stand on while cleaning your windows just because you can`t be bothered to get the steps out.
I did! The chair tipped forward,  the back caught me in the midriff and I went over the back head first. I had bruises on my tummy for a fortnight.
It`s a good job it was the inside windows I was cleaning because I would never be able to face the nieghbours again if I`d been outside, hee hee.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Hi Lynne,
    These are brilliant - I must remember for next year! Moving craft rooms is a mammoth task and not one I'll be doing in a hurry again either. I love your 'Tip of the day', ha, ha! xx

  2. What fab halloween sweetie jars! I'm sure the kids will love them. Love the gross labels! You certainly have an eventful life! I agree it's probably best to practice the acrobatics before entertaining the neighbours... seriously though, I hope you're okay - bet that was painful. And I admire your courage moving craft rooms - it must have been a mammoth task! Does this mean your blog name will be changing to Cards from Lynne's Spare Bedroom? Doesn't have quite the same ring to it!

  3. Cute projects! Love the doily lace borders and wonderful colors. Very creative!

  4. These are so cute and they will LOVE them. Good info on the wobbly chair. :0)

  5. These are fab honey, i so know what you mean about moving rooms i am still upacking boxes and i moved in the 6 weeks holidays lol, husg Pops x

  6. I love these jars - very clever and I am sure they will be very popular with the grandkids.
    Do be careful Lynne - that accident with the chair sounds very painful!
    Linby x

  7. What fantastic creations Lynne! I love your own handmade labels, the look so professional!
    Sorry to hear of your mishap, hope you're now OK, and that you've got your new craft room sorted!
    Love Sarita xx

  8. Brilliant idea for the jars. Well done on moving your craft room, I'm thinking about moving mine but can't pluck up the courage. Hope you'll have many happy hours in your new location. Do you ever ameze yourself with the silly things you do? I know I do. I hope you're not too bruised and glad it wasn't any worse. xxx

  9. Lucky you having the choice of two places to craft in, it is hard work moving it all tho, your labels are terrific, bet the grandkids love them


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