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Monday 25 June 2012

More daisies

Hello All!

Following on from my Cas-ual fridays post I thought it was a good idea to make some more of the same card but in different colours. Well you really didn`t expect me to just make one , did you?

 This one is Apricot.
 Bright Yellow.
 Bright Blue (Cyan)
And Lavender.
They`re all made really simply by puching out the flowers, sticking them together and offsetting the top layer.
The middles are made with a hole punch, stuck on and glittered with some Glamour Dust.
I made a mark with pencil at 7.5 across and 6.5 cm down giving a deeper space at the bottom for the sentiment. I placed the first flower on my pencil mark then the others by eye.
When the glue had dried I lifted the top petals slightly to give some dimension.

As these were all made from scraps of card and paper, I`m entering them into Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge . I`ve neglected this challenge for far too long and can`t wait to get back into the playground. I quite fancy a game of Hop Scotch.


  1. Well, those cards kept you out of trouble for a while! They are really clever and really lovely! I also like the pink one from earlier that sent you off into a fit of fabulous creativity!

  2. They look super - a really nice idea! I particularly like the bright yellow card!

    1. Just perfect Lynne - each one is stunning and so fresh looking. And you placed most of the flowers by eye - sheesh!! Di xx

  3. Great idea to just keep a good thing going! They're wonderful.

  4. These are spiffing cards. Such a simple but oh so effective idea. Haven't played hop skotch for years. I'll give you a game if you like. Meet you over by the swings. Hugs Mrs A.

  5. Wow! You have been busy! What fab cards and wonderful colours, so effective. xxx

  6. These are so pretty Lynne. Not surprised you made lots of them. Brilliant way to use up your snippets.

    Fancy a Nutella sarnie? I've bought lots to the Playground xxx

  7. Cheerful and sweet, your flowers are great.

  8. If you've got a great design why not make more ...they're all so pretty :0)
    Jenny x

  9. Lovely cards there and so simple yet effective.
    I will play hopscotch with you!


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