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Monday, 8 September 2014

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Hello All,                                                                

No card today I`m afraid, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
It seems the media in the UK are somewhat reluctant to advertise this
campaign so my daughter Cheryl and many of the "Oncology Mums"
from Facebook are on a mission to let the world know.
With all the press coverage about Ashya King and what his poor parents have been through, you would think that the news programs would be full of the Gold Ribbon campaign but no, nothing. The This Morning program and Loose Women websites have been bombarded with requests to give it a mention and Holly and Phillip have been sent Gold Ribbons but there hasn`t been any sign of them.
Cancer Research UK only changed their facebook header after protests from parents of children with cancer and infact our local  Cancer Research charity shop are not selling gold Ribbons and the staff were not aware of the  september gold ribbon. Considering the amount of children suffering from this dreadful disease it`s about time more was done to raise awareness.
For instance, did you know that only 4% of the total raised by Cancer Research UK goes towards finding a cure for childhood cancers? In the last 20 years only ONE new treatment has been approved for children with cancer. This is ALL the  cancers that children suffer from and they are numerous.
The fashionable adult cancers i.e. Breast, Ovarian, Cervicle, Testicular & Prostate seem to get all the attention and we cannot deny that they are terrible conditions but surely our children are just as important and deserve equal funding for research and treatment.
All I`m asking is that you lovely lot spread the word. So many children and their families are going through hell every day and many people don`t realise.

Thank you for your time...Lynne xxx


  1. Hiya Lynne, never heard of this, thank you for raising awareness here on your blog. I have just sat, whilst having my coffee, and made up 20 little gold ribbons to take to school (where I work) this morning. I will ask that the staff please wear them and when asked what it symbolises, to tell people. Also I am going to ask the Head Teacher if the children in my granddaughter's class can make and sell little gold ribbons and send monies raised to Cancer Research, this will show them that people want to be made aware. Regards, Sue xx

    1. Thanks so much Sue, that`s a fantastic idea to involve the kids.I was going to e mail you but can`t find an e mail addy.
      Lynne xxx

    2. Thanks for your comment to me Lynne. I saddened yesterday when I read your post, so many children suffer but it appears to go unnoticed. More people need to be made aware and do a little bit to help, even if only wearing a gold ribbon and letting more people become aware. We had a little girl in our school when my eldest daughter was attending (28 years old now), who had cancer. It was terrible to see her suffer but happily, like Ruby, she recovered. This girl became a nurse as she said she wanted to give something back. She now has a little girl herself, called Hope and wants her to come to the same school she did. Please keep on making people aware Lynne, it does make people sit up and take notice. Love to all ......... Sue x

  2. Didn't realise either Lynne, I will pass on the word too. Hope Ruby is still doing well too, such a worrying time for you all when she was so ill..... hugs Viv xx


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