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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Simply Less Is More # 196

Hello All.
I`ve been a bad blogger again I`m afraid, in fact I`ve been a bad crafter too. Not done any paper crafting for a few days for some reason and last week I didn`t manage a card for the Simply Less is More Challenge at all. I`m back for now though with this weeks colour challenge and it`s a good one,

                                              Non Traditional Christmas Colours....no red or green

I stamped the snowflakes, from Inkadinkdo, in Versacolor heliotrope, orchid and cyan. I added sprinkling of Glamour Dust to add some sparkle.
The sentiment is computer generated but I`m not so keen on the banner now.
If I get the time I might redo it.

Just a quick (ha ha) update on Ruby. At this moment Ruby is in isolation as she has a nasty cough. We are waiting the results of an x ray and hopefully it can be easily treated. Apart from that she is doing remarkably well. There a lot of good positive things to report this week. Two weeks ago a real live Princess visited the childrens oncology ward and Ruby was chosen to meet and greet her. Princess Ghida of Jordan is the chair of a cancer trust and does lots of visits to hospitals.

Ruby wanted to know where her crown was.
Sorry about the pic, I had to pinch it off facebook.

Quite a lot of the kids dressed up for Halloween and spent most of the day terrifying the nursing staff.

Ruby dressed as a pumpkin. Later in the day she had her face painted and wrapped in a sheet pretending to be a ghost.

One thing that her mum was dreading was having to tell Ruby that her hair would fall out again. At the beginning of last week Ruby stated that she was better now her cough had gone so she could go home. Mum decided that this would be the right time to explain that the medicine she had to take would make her feel poorly and that was why Ruby had to stay in the hospital which Ruby accepted and then mum said to her,
" Do you remember last time you were poorly and all your hair feel out?"
Ruby said she did, so mum told her it was going to come out again and Ruby replied,
" Oh great, no tangles and no bobbles. Cool! "
She doesn`t let anything get her down and manages to find a positive in almost anything. The doctors had warned her mum that, because Ruby had already had a full course of chemo quite recently, her hair would come out alot quicker than last time and by friday it was falling out in clumps. It was even falling in her food so by tea time Ruby asked one of the nurses to shave it off. I think she looks beautiful with very short hair.

The chemo Ruby had the last time she was poorly is very toxic and can cause long term heart damage. She had regular heart scans both during and after her treatment. So, because she`s already had so much chemo the consultant requested a slightly different chemo that wasn`t so toxic but is extremely (and I mean ridiculously) expensive, and they were given the go ahead so that`s really good news.

Thanks for staying this long, I know it was a long post :)

Lynne xxx


  1. Hiya Lynne, love the card. Such a positive post considering what your family are going through. Ruby looks fab in her pumpkin costume and what a delight to meet a real princess (even without her crown). Sending you all love and my best wishes for continued positivity. Sue xx

  2. Great card, love your snowflakes Lynne !!

  3. Love Ruby Pumpkin!
    Love your card too Lynne! Those snowflakes looks so delicate!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  4. A fabulous and elegant non-traditional Christmas card Lynne.
    Such cute photographs too especially Ruby in Halloween costume
    sending best wishes her way.
    Less is More

  5. Ruby makes a totally adorable pumpkin Lynne! She is taking everything in her stride, you must be so proud of her. Sending best wishes and positive thoughts to her.
    Love the colours you used for your snowflakes, they look great
    Sorry to be so late commenting this week, thanks so much for your LIM entry
    Less is More Designer


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