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Thursday 11 November 2010

Poinsettia #2

Hello Everyone.

I have a day off today but I`m afraid I won`t get much crafting done as the house looks like a building site.
More about that later.
Todays card is another spin on the Creative Expressions Poinsettia Stamp.
This time I`ve stamped and embossed in gold onto Ivory Pearlescent paper. I bought a pack of mixed plains and pattered papers and card ages ago but haven`t used them until now.
I love the way this one turned out, I was worried that the stamp might slip but it stamped beautifully luckily.
I`ve used pattered Pearlescent card stock for the base card.
I cut a square of plain card and matted it onto some gold mirri board.
The poinsettia has been stamped the same as in the first one, and built up using silicone gel.
This time I used gold glitter in the centre.
The sentiment is by Papermania Silent Night Stamp set, stamped in clear ink and embossed in gold EP.
So there you have it, two cards, one stamp. Card number 3 will be posted tomorrow.

Right, my living room wall....
Eight years ago we downsized from a 4 bed house to a 2 bed much smaller house because we only had our son left at home. Both the girls had partners and homes of their own and I had visions of us rattling about in a huge house when we were old and doddery. The house we moved into is in a nice area and was more or less what we wanted but it did need some work doing on it. One of the first things we did was to remove the wall between the living room and the very tiny dining room. This gave us a much larger, brighter room and I loved it. Loads of space and a place for everything.
Then my middle daughters relationship fell apart and she came home. We had the problem of having an adult son and daughter and only one bedroom between them. Not ideal at all. After a few weeks of daughter sleeping on camper bed in the livingroom ( definitly not ideal) Alan decided that the only solution was to build the dividing wall back up and give the dining room to daughter as a bedroom. This worked well for quite a few months but then he had the bright idea of boarding out the loft for her to use as a bedroom. Brilliant! I get my house back.
A couple of years down the line daughter meets someone else and eventually moves out again which was when I took over the loft for my crafting. Soon after that son left to live with his in laws which was even better because then we had a spare room aswell. During all this time I had mentioned that I prefered the ` open plan`
look that we had before but it fell on deaf ears. Alan will be 56 this month and I know myself that things get harder, the older you get, so I didn`t natter at all.
Alan had some leave from work to come so he took this week off to paint the kitchen. Then, right out of the blue, on tuesday he asked me if I still wanted the wall knocking out again while he was off. I ummed and ah`ed for about 5 seconds and said yes, and there you have it, the story of my yoyo wall. I got back from work on tuesday tea time to find a huge open space and bits of plasterboard and dust everywhere and I couldn`t be happier.It`s not anywhere near finished yet but it looks fantastic already.
Right, I`d better go, he needs to turn the electric off soon to re route a cable. Catch up with you all later.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Gorgeous! That embossing and the flower popped up are stunning.
    Sounds like you finally got the wall down. hee hee

  2. Oh my goodness! When my two sons left home within 2 weeks of each other I turned one bedroom into my craft room and the other into a Princess bedroom for when my granddaughter came to stay. Then they came back... then went again! One came back again and is still sleeping in a Princess bedroom as I'm not changing it until I'm sure he's staying!! At least I didn't have to knock any walls down!!

    Another fabulous and elegant card! xx

  3. Stunning card Lynne, love the elegant style. You make me smile when I read about your adventures, all I can say is happy decorating, should be good to have it done in time for Christmas. xxx

  4. Gorgeously elegant, Lynne! That pearlized background is stunning! Wonderful gold accents make this card remarkable!

  5. Stunning card Lynne!! Sounds like you and hubby are going to be very busy decorating :o)
    hugs and xxx

  6. Up, down, spinning around! Sounds like your hubby has gone building-tastic! I do hope it is done for Christmas so that you can relax. Love the poinsettia in creams and golds.


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