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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The day is full of birds...

Good afternoon All!

Now I know I said in yesterdays Less is More 
post that I was going to save you all the trouble of commenting on multiple posts by posting all my entries together but today I`m back with just one more. I know it`s not the best card I`ve ever made and really I`m posting it because I have something else to talk about but didn`t think you`d bother if there wasn`t a card with it lol.
It`s a bit of a cop out having birds on it as, although they do have legs, they are more `Things with wings`
Anyway, stamp by Inkadinkado Birds Galore stamped in Versacolour Peony.
Sentiment by Crafty Secrets also stamped in Peony.

Now, what I really wanted to say.
I have noticed a few of you have said on your blogs that you are worried and even get a bit stressed at not being able to leave comments on all the LiM entries.
In my opinion you have nothing to worry about. I`m sure that the majority of us are working and I know first hand how busy life gets.
I only work afternoons but there is still housework, family commitments , meals to cook and lets face it, even crafters have to sleep. I really appreciate each and every comment I get and you have no idea how much of confidence boost it is. However hard I try I nearly always run out of time to comment on every entry. That doesn`t mean I don`t like your creations but sometimes it`s a choice between making a card and spending the evening on the PC. I`m sure ( and hope) that many of you can understand this. And lets face it, papercrafting is a hobby, it`s supposed to be fun, not something to stress about.

One more thing. Do any of you have a Kodak printer and if so, what do you think about it?
I used to have a Lexmark all in one and was quite happy with it but the ink wasn`t cheap. When it packed up I bought a Kodak because of the cheaper ink but the colours are no where near as vibrant as the Lexmark was. I`m quite disappointed really. Let me know please.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. I think you are OK with your birds ass even Chrissie's sample used a bird ( and she used one bird way up in the corner! )

    I hear you on your comment about commenting. I would love to give everybody some love because it feels so wonderful to get it back. But I would probably have to give up making cards to be able to squeeze in all the commenting and that does seem wrong!

    As to your printer, I don't have either of those brands...but I recently upgraded printers when my old one died. I expected vibrant and clear prints, but NO. While my old printer printed beautifully out of the box, this one took a lot of tweaking. There are a lot of options when you print - some as simple as what type of paper, some using words and concepts that I don't fully understand. But after I spent some time (and a lot of ink) changing options, printing, changing again...I am thrilled with my printer! So...no real advice...just don't give up on it.

  2. Hi Lynne, that's a pretty card - great stamp to have the different 'patterns' in the birds.

    But the reason I've signed in is to reply to your 'main point' - that certainly chimes with me. I spend all day working on a computer - then to spend time looking and commenting, and returning comments(!) - it was just getting to be too much hard work and was interfering with crafting time;-)
    So I stopped blogging, and it feels like a weight has been taken off my shoulders!! I still look and enjoy everyone's work, and'play along' in private but I don't blog. Sorry Mandy and Chrissie. I'm a lapsed LIMette.

    I'd also be really interested to see if anyone has some good insight on the printers - as I also have a Lexmark and am thinking of getting a Kodak, to save on the ink - but maybe not now I've read your experience.

    Right, back to my bunker.....

  3. I just saw the typo in my last comment!!! I really didn't mean to comment on your birds "a**"! I meant "AS even Chrissie's card". I hope all readers are chuckling instead of annoyed!

  4. I`m sure they are chuckling, as I am Kim. Thanks for your feedback on the commenting issue.
    Lynne xxx

  5. Can't help you on the printer issue (mine's HP) but your card is lovely and your choice of colour is splendid


  6. Hi Lynne . . . really like this bird card!

    Re: commenting . . . I totally agree with you. I sit at a computer all day long and can't always face it again in the evening. I do TRY and comment as much as possible, and I think that's all we should or could ask of our fellow bloggers. It shouldn't stress people out or make them feel guilty. I know it DOES, but it SHOULDN'T!

    Hugs, Sandra View my card HERE!

  7. Lovely card Lynne, your birds are lovely. I agree on the commenting, some times life just gets in the way, and it takes a fair bit of time to get around to every post
    Beryl x

  8. A Beautiful card, love the colours, as for the printer I have a HP, I love it, but I think ink is an issue with all of us who make cards.

    Commenting, I do try on the weekend,there are so many CLEVER LIMettes, I have to comment, in which case I get nothing done including my cards. BUT I do learn so much off those who post.

  9. Great CAS and they have legs so I think this works. ha ha
    I could not of said this any better and I agree with you. Life is too short and if you are worried and not enjoying your hobby then something is wrong. I used to worry about commenting and then I finally had to say I can do what I can and leave it at that. Very hard to do but you will go mad if you don't. Hope you have a great week.

  10. Fab7ulouscard L7ynn, I love the colours and simplicity of it.


  11. I agree with you that's it's difficult to comment on all blogs. I did however make an effort today - took a bit of time out to be inspired by others. I'm glad I visited because this was exactly how I was feeling.

  12. Well said Lynne... we would never want commenting to be a chore but a celebration of others' work...even if you only manage a few visits, I'm sure the recipients of those comments will be thrilled. Everyone understands the pressures of life and I for one know how much my crafting time has been reduced by commenting... but then Mandi and me are the ones who got ourselves into this anyway, so we can't complain. We are delighted to see so many entrants.
    I didn't manage to comment on anyone's last week as I was incommunicado with my family on holiday in Spain... but I'm sure that no-one minded for once!
    Oh, by the way... it's another fab card and I did have loads of tiny birds on one of my cards and a lone one flying... birds do have legs!!!!
    Thanks so much
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More

  13. It's a gorgeous card Lynne, love your colour choice. As for the commenting I agree with you. I tend to comment on all the entries with the same last no as my entry - so if I enter lots of cards I do lots of commenting. I always take time to comment back to anyone leaving me a comment too....but sometimes life gets in the way and I definitely couldn't do it if I was working. Carol x

  14. Beautiful card, Annette x

  15. Hi Lynne, I love your really pretty birds card and Kim's comment made me guffaw, lovely slip of the keys!!
    Commenting is a big issue, we all love to get our little boost but have to return the compliment and it does take a long time. I know it's appreciated but when the choice is, make a card or catch up on the commenting, it's always going to be a card. I sometimes spend hours and hours simply commenting and catching up, beware bloggers bum!!
    My printer is an Epsom, I can't help sorry:{ My biggest beef is that mine won't print onto card, I would so love a printer that did, big sigh, have a great week, Gay xxx

  16. A beautiful card, the colours are perfect for this.
    Yes the commenting gets a bit much sometimes and I'm sure people understand that it is hard to comment on every card every time.
    Printers eh, my lexmark broke and I got a Cannon Pixma 4700, brilliant machine, great printing and fab for card. The ink is reasonable as well and I would never buy another brand.
    Claire xxx

  17. Beautiful card Lynne, I love birds so its right up my street xx

  18. Your pink birds look cool! As for the commenting..I didn't post my card last week because I felt like I had to comment on all the entries when I did...but I've given myself a good talking to and have decided that even though I'll probably look at all the entries, I am going to limit my commenting so that I have time to make a few cards. I work about 45-50 hours a week as a bank auditor so I had found myself staying up really late at night to "catch up" on comments. From now on, I'll just make as many as I can without making myself crazy!

  19. FAB card Lynne, I almost used this stamp for mine this week!
    Agree wholeheartedly with you re comments
    Chrissie and I 'have' to but our LIMettes don't at all. We love the community that has been created and even if they pop on a few other entries that's just perfect! Even if they can't it really doesn't matter, just nice!

    Thank you so much
    Diva LIM
    "Less is More"

  20. love your card! It works so well with only pink colour.

  21. Very amused by Kim's typo as I'm sure you were too Lynne! I love your bird card and they do have legs as well as wings! (Not sure about that sentiment though which reminds me of that Hitchcock film!)

    I think it's lovely to comment on other people's cards if you have time, but to do so when you haven't seems crazy! It also leads to people making a stock comment on everyone's cards which defeats the point IMHO.

    I have an HP printer which I love and which prints on card. It was as cheap as chips - although of course the ink isn't!

  22. I'm totally with you on the commenting. I try my best (and always do some commenting) but this challenge has such a huge number of participants! Anyway, I love this stamp and your card is great. xx

  23. Hey, now blogger brought all my blogs back I can see what posts people have done again. Did anyone else loose their ENTIRE reading list or was it just me???

    Anyhow - loving the pink birds, but do agree there is something a bit hitchcock about it - I get a chill just thinking about that film :(

    As to comments, I had a big email discussion with Susan about this the other week. I just can't get around everyone every week, I never managed even once. I comment on all the cards first thing on Saturday morning whilst I'm actively "playing" in the challenge, and then when I have 5 minutes at lunch at work (like today) I nip back on and have a look at the news ones and comment on the ones that really appeal to me from the thumbnails. That way at least I feel like I'm giving genuine hubsper points to the ones I like and not just "coming up with something to say" for the sake of it. I also try to comment on everyone who comments on mine, and really like it when people put a "link" to their card as it makes it so easy.

    As to the printer, I've had both kodak and HP in the past but have switched to Lexmark now and do find it MUCH better quality that the others. Particularly when colouring in - with my old HP (didn't craft with my kodak that was just for photo printing) when I tried to use sansoder or copics, the ink would always run, even if I tried to heat fix it. never been an issue with the lexmark and I'm not finding the ink much more expensive than the HP ink.

    Tara x

  24. Hi Lynne, love the card this week, it's pink ( my fav colour)& I love the flow of it too.
    As for commenting I agree it shouldn't be a task but a pleasure.I tend to comment most at the end of the week when I have caught up on all my 'jobs'.My son's impending wedding is taking up so much of my time too atm. lol.I tend to comment on the cards that'jump' out at me from the thumbnails like Tara says.Your cards always seem to 'jump' out at me every week now!!!
    As for the printer, I was put off getting a Kodak as the salesman told me the ink was expensive. I got an Epson Stylus photo P50 which a friend told me about. It has been great, very cheap compatable inks too & prints on card like a dream. HTH .....Phew such a long post lol:O) Viv xx

  25. Hi Lynne, Great card.
    I agree with you about commenting, and sometimes feel so guilty and then do lots of 'catch ups'. Its hard getting the right balance.
    Avril x

  26. Fantastic card Lynne. Re commenting it's easy to feel guilty about not commenting, so I try when I can to comment on the LIM cards that stand out to me or someones blog that I haven't been to for a while but that not easy when my 17 month old is following me like a shadow and as soon as the laptop opens he climbs on to my lap and starts tapping the keys....hey there's and idea I could teach him to do the comments for me rofl xxxx

  27. Beautiful card, love the colour ink, fab images on this stamp.

    I feel the same about commenting, and I do some as and when I get some free time - many people work and have busy lives, and as a mum of 3 young children, time is rarely on my side! And in all honesty, I think most people feel the same, and if they don't, then they are taking it too seriously! I always try and comment on others work especially if they have taken time to pay me a visit, this is an enjoyable hobby and part of the fun is being able to visit new sites and make new buddies :-) keep creating it's lovely stuff!

  28. Another beautiful card Lynne! Gorgeous colour and fab stamp. xx
    I agree with everything you said in your post; I was starting to get really stressed about keeping up with commenting. xx

  29. A beautiful card. I agree with you about commenting. It is lovely to get comments but it can become very time consuming and I personally find it impossible to comment on all the entries so tend to do a few as and when I can and it is usually ones that have especially caught my eye. As for the printer can't help I'm afraid (mine's an old HP) but I do remember reading somewhere that the ink was cheaper but actually didn't last as long. I suppose if it is so much cheaper than other makes something has to give - either quality or amount.

  30. Such a soft and sweet card, lovely!

  31. Well said, Lynne! I totally agree. And ... I tend to check out the samples "that catch my eye" each time when I look at the thumbnails. I find I look at different designers each weeks ... that way! I could never check them all out ... I would never get any stamping done! Hugs xxaxx PS The reason I am here ... and commenting ... is because your card "caught my eye" this week ... I think it was the colours??? But ... love the whole spray of "birds" ... and birds are perfectly acceptable in my book! Hugs xxaxx


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