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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Game for a laugh...

Good Evening All!

Quite a quick post from me today. I just wanted to show you a card I made for a friend of Alans.
Part of Alans job is to do high industrial cleans on light fittings and air filters. As this sometimes means using scaffolding he has to work with another person as against being alone as he usually is. When a job like this comes up he always takes his friend Maggie.She works for the same company as a chargehand cleaner  and really knows her stuff. She is also always game for a laugh.
It`s Maggies birthday in a few days but she is on leave from tomorrow so Alan has given her her card today. Although I made it, all the detail and specification comes from Alan.

Well almost. He wanted mops and buckets but I couldn`t find a decent picture so he got Pink Petticoat Swirls instead lol.
I made the concertina medalion out of a scrap of paper and the DP is from my snippet box so I`m entering this into Jules crafty snippets wk 29
The rest speaks for itself really. Sentiments are computer generated and cut out with nestie circles.
I`m waiting for him to get home to tell me her response. Knowing Maggie she`ll be wearing the rosette as a badge of honour lol.

Talking about a laugh check out this clip on youtube cheap flights. My dad showed me it and it really is the funniest thing I`ve heard in ages.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Fab card. Bet she loves it.
    Great colour scheme.

    Hugs, Sandra

    . . . off to check out the link you gave . . .

  2. Brilliant card Lynne!! Gorgeous colours too!
    I'm off to check the link too! xx

  3. Hi Lynne - great card, the colours are terrific and everything about it is just 'right'. I'd seen the link before - have just had another look and it still makes me laugh aloud - thanks! Di xx

  4. Hi Lynne

    Thank you for a good laugh.

    I watched on my laptop and actually laughed out loud. I was waiting for my hubby to shout through and ask "what on earth are you listening to?" But he never LOL!! I am going to be singing that for the rest of the night now!!!

    Loving your card too. How special. I bet that will mean more to Maggie than any other card she receives.

    I think I prefer it without the mop and bucket!!

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful creation and a great laugh in the snippet playground.

    Love Jules xx

  5. Brilliant card Lynne I'm sure she'll have loved it.

    Clip is hilarious! Going to google them to see if they're coming to Sheffield......

    Tara x

  6. Pink Petticoat swirls - mops and buckets, it's all the same! I love your card Lynne, especially the fab rosette, and I'm sure she'll wear it with pride! Can't watch the clip at the moment - will have to save it for tomorrow! Vx

  7. This is just lovely - so elegant, and I think the rosette is just brilliant.

    Lynne - thanks so much for the link too. This has started my day off with a smile. I think I know the airline they mean too :) Brilliant!

  8. Hi Lynne, I have an award for you on my blog. You can add it to your collection!


    Kasey ~ in Oz

  9. Great colors and your ribbon looks awesome.

  10. This is gorgeous Lynne. Think the PP swirls probably look better than the mops and buckets would have done ;o) I'm sure she loves her card! Lisa x

  11. A great card Lynne. I love pink and black together, they look so striking. Love the sentiment too. Sue.x

  12. Your card is lovely, and I hope she loved it! I got a bit of a chuckle from the clip you shared! Thank you so much!!! It ended my night was a smile!

  13. Beautiful, Lynne! Your cards really are elegant.

  14. That's so good and I'm sure it will be treasured, great job, Gay xxx

  15. Just love the colours on your card the pink realaly stands out....gorgeous


  16. hee hee what a fab card.

  17. She'll love this, gorgeous card with fun

  18. Such an elegant card! And thank you for the link to 'Fascinating Aida' - they are just brilliant!!

    luv, Mags x


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