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Monday, 10 March 2014

Simply Less is More # 162

Happy Monday All!
I`m a bit late with my entry for this weeks Simply Less is More challenge. I was so busy crafting yesterday that it was dark by the time I realised I hadn`t taken a pic of my card. It`s one layer week again and this time we are to use Spring Flowers on our cards.
I made a very quick card using a digi stamp which I think is from Fred She Said but I may be wrong.

I love this tulip image, so simple but very pretty. I`ve coloured it with Promarkers and Spectrum Noir pens.
The sentiment is PC generated.
I don`t usually make Easter cards but I thought I`d better have one in my stash.You never know!

If you`re not remotely interested in my ramblings you can stop reading now. I know, I get on my own nerves sometimes lol.
Well, my meeting didn`t go well last week. I think I`d already made my mind up that I wasn`t going back to work and the meeting just confirmed it.  I pointed out that I was getting a bit fed up of the snide comments and being shown up in front of other people and was told that it was a joke. Well I must have had a sense of
humour failure because I didn`t see the funny side. Basically over the space of a week I was shouted at, insulted, humiliated and informed, rather abruptly that my hours were changing from evenings to days with no notice. I`ll be 60 this year, I`m too old for all this rubbish. I think it says something when I`m the fourth person to walk out in less than 6 months.
The strange thing is that I`ve been saying for months that I`d love to be able to retire and have the time to do `housewifely` things like have baking days and maybe take up knitting again. But I do miss going to work. I don`t miss the job but I miss some of my work colleagues and even the work that we did. I`m sure I`ll get used to it.
Right, where`s that baking tray?

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. lovely tulips
    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen xx
    Less Is More

  2. Beautiful Easter card, so simple and elegant!

  3. Yes it's a FSS digi, lovely card.
    Lynne it sounds like you are much better off out of it! It is good to be able to get out and be with others at work though. I'm sure something will come up, maybe part time so you get the best of both worlds, or have you thought about doing some volunteering for a few hours a week? I helped at Riding for Disabled when I wasn't working full time, and also did some last year in the light evenings. Meant I was meeting a bunch of new people and also had an obligation to do something...

    Thanks for taking part in the one layer challenge at LIM this week
    Anne (Guest LIM commenter)

  4. Super card Lynne!

    Right, now hear this - I missed my genuine colleagues/friends immensely when I retired at your age. BUT, I didn't miss the jockeying for position, snide and mean people that were always trying to cause problems etc. etc. You can now finally choose what you wish to do next.

    I worked in a Hospice shop for many years, from before I retired even (Saturdays) - but sadly walked out when I realised how grabbing the staff were. Stuff donated was being stolen left right and centre and I just couldn't stand by and see that happening. I couldn't stop it but equally couldn't bear to see it happening. Many other charities as Anne above says would love your help - just choose wisely. Give it a bit of time, it's a huge change in lifestyle and you could well adjust quite happily!



  5. This is such a lovely card, great for Easter too. Simply beautiful

    Now to give my 2 pennies worth! I reduced my hours when I was 65 to 2 days a week, I was scared to give up in case I couldn't afford to. I have been off sick for the last couple of months in quite severe pain, I went back to work yesterday and the girl who was recruited to replace me is leaving at the end of the month, I asked if the job had been advertised and was told it would take about 3 months to get someone, this means that I would be doing her job and mine in 2 days.

    I gathered up my strength and said I would be leaving as well, in a month or 2 if that was OK, I was told, oh! well we'll have to manage, after doing the job for 14 years, I decided if that's what they think I will go at the end of April.

    So there will be you and me FREEeeeeeeeeeeee! Go enjoy it Lynne.

  6. I love the simplicity of this card Lynne!
    It makes me sad when I hear of hard work going unappreciated but it does sound as if you'd be happier away from there. There are plenty of other things you can be doing! Vicky x

  7. Love this card Lynne, such a great LIM one. The flowers are so pretty too.Glad you are getting more used to not being at work now, it will be strange at first. Just think of all the cards you will be able to make now though.....and the baking of course :) Viv xx


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