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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Wedding invitations

Hi All!
No card today as such but I thought I`d share the finished Wedding Invitation with you.

Once I got started it was relatively easy to do. Luckily I got the measurements from Jak Heaths Blog
which was a great help. Thanks Jak.
The design is a hybrid of some that Karen .
showed us on her blog.
I`ve used the Birds and Vine Cuttlebug folder for the main flap. Added some tiny gems and a red bow.
The initials on the label stand for Alan and Rachel and is done on the computer.
I had about 6 designs originally and Rachel and her Mum wittled it down to this one. Originally I`d put white pearls and white ribbon on but the bridesmaids dresses have now been bought and are in red so we changed the ribbon colour then Rachel mentioned how much she loved Diamantes so, after a bit of discussion the pearls were changed for tiny clear gems. We are all really pleased with the way they`ve turned out especially as I found it quite daunting at first, I mean hundreds of people are going to be looking at these!!!

A quick tip for anyone thinking of doing something like this; Give yourself plenty of time, trying to do them all in one go is like working on a production line and soon becomes a chore. I found that limiting myself to doing  them in blocks of 10 is much more rewarding. I measured 10 lots of card first, then 10 lots of scoring and folding, followed by the embossing. By the time you`ve done that you`re ready to start from the beginning again with the next lot.
Right I`ve done 20. Only another 80 to go lol.

Well I`m supposed to be at work but my silly manager made a mistake and thought I`d booked 2 weeks off.
I did yesterday because I`d gone in anyway and decided I might as well have the rest of the week off seeing as they`d covered for me. Yayyy!!!!

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Wow! You've done yourself proud with this gorgeous creation! I absolutely love the splash of colour the ribbon and the initials make and the tiny gems are the perfect elegant finishing touch. And plenty of time to finish them with your extra week off! Have fun!

  2. It is great! I love it!


  3. Gorgeous sweetie big hugs love Pops x x x

  4. Beautiful, the textured really adds elegance. I like how you have the monogram for the tab! Good luck with the other 80 to do. lol

  5. This is gorgeous, well done on your progress so far, I would never attempt 100!

  6. Stunning, glad you managed to get one of your trademark bows on the card, lovely colours. xxx


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