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Sunday, 26 June 2011

What`s the worst thing that can happen..

...to someone who is desperately trying to use up their snippet stash. How about raking through your massive pile of card bits and finding loads of DP that you had forgotten even existed, Arrrgh!!!
Just goes to show what a state my craft room is in and how much it needs sorting. So that`s it from now on, no more new papers, no more printing off digi papers and no more cutting into full sheets until the pile has gone down. Yeah, right...until I need something in a colour that I just don`t have in the snippet box...I hereby pledge to do my best, for Queen and country, to rid my craft room of snippets. Full Stop!

Hee hee, we`ll see. The trouble is that now I`m going over to the Clean and Simple side, I`m not using much paper at all. Might be a good thing, we`ll have to wait and see.

I have 2 snippet makes today for Jules Crafty Snippets, both quite similar.

Both using snippets from a Papermania Colossal DP pack.
I have loads of these papers. Still quite a lot of full sheets as you got 100 sheets in a pack but these are from my snippet stash.
I`ve used a stamp from Chocolate Baroque Autumn Hedgerow set stamped in Versafine black.
I tend to buy alot of silhouette stamps, mainly because I really likethem but partly because I`m such a rubbish colourer inner ( as you can see from the next card)
Same papers, different colour. The stamp is another from Chocolate Baroque called Fresh Florals.
Quite often when I have to colour I heat emboss the image so it gives an edge that even I can`t go over. I think I`m going to have to remember to do this more often.

Well the weather has been wonderful here today. Red hot wall to wall sunshine and I`ve spent most of it in the loft with the window open and the fan on.I`m sure I`ll moan along with everyone else on tuesday when it rains but honestly it`s the only time I`ve had .
The trouble with me is that I`m never happy. I don`t like the cold, but I can`t cope with the heat either. I simply don`t like extremes. Wish it could be just pleasantly warm all the time lol.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Your colouring looks perfectly fine to me! I'm pledging the same Lynne - no more paper until I use the ones I have! I love the sunshine but the only trouble is that I go into holiday mode and get nothing done at all! Vx

  2. Lynne I know exactly what you mean, I did start to use all my odd bits of card but that didn't last long!! Your cards are lovely made from your 'snippets'.
    Think we all ought to take a leaf out of your book.


  3. Gorgeous cards. Love the images and the colours. Hugs Pops x x x x

  4. I keep trying to use my scraps too Lynne and have taken the no paper pledge, except for the mag I bought on Friday with a free paper stack, 'cause that doesn't count! right?
    Two great cards, love the design of the second stamp.
    I'm the same re temperature too!
    Lynn x

  5. Fabulous snippet cards Lynne! I'm determined not to buy any more but I'm starting to twitch at the thought of all the new Christmas papers that'll soon be around! xx

  6. So you have "gone over to the Clean and Simple side"!!! I love the way you put that! I tend to be CAS too and I hear you about the paper. I buy it because it is beautiful then it never shows up on my CAS cards!

  7. These are great cards and I know what you mean about colouring in - I often tend to use no stamps at all as I dont really like the colouring in bit.
    x Tricia

  8. More wonderful cards Lynne.

  9. Hi Lynne

    Tee hee!!! I have a mountain of those papers too.

    I think where I go wrong is when I do treat myself to new papers they always go "on top" of the ones that are already in my collection .. .. leaving the older ones hardly ever seeing the light of day.

    Perhaps I need to reverse their order? LOL!!!

    I am loving your snippet makes Lynne .. .. and there is nothing wrong with your colouring.

    I like the "middle of the road" weather best too. Not too cold and not too hot. Just warm enough not to need a coat or jumper when I go outside.

    Have a good week Lynne

    Love Jules xx

  10. Hi Lynne, They are gorgeous cards, you're very talented my friend and I'm so glad you're okay, LOL I love the heat in fact the hotter the better, I have problems with humidity, but hey ho that's the way the cookie crumbles, Gay xxx

  11. I'm the same - I wish we could have lovely fresh spring days all the time, it's far too hot for me at the moment! Love your cards, great colours and fab stamps - I'm another one with a mountain of these papers lol :o) Lisa x

  12. Morning Lynne . . . lovely snippet cards here. I can't see anything wrong with your colouring-in.

    As you know, I am also on a mission to use up my scraps. I've only added a few more to the pile due to making commissioned cards. Other than that, I'm DETERMINED to get rid of my existing scraps before cutting into new stuff!

    Hugs, Sandra

  13. Great card.. I just love the colors!! I have a $65 stamp giveaway going on right now.. come and sign up.

    Have a great weekend,
    Jessica Lynn

  14. LOL I also have a stack of these papers! Two fab cards and there is nothing wrong with your colouring, I do like that silhouette image.
    Kaz xx

  15. Hi Lynne 2 more fabulous cards, love the fact they are snippets, clever you.


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