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Sunday, 8 April 2012

An `in your face` card, a ramble and some advice please...

Phew what a title, I hope it hasn`t made you run for the hills lol.

Happy Easter Sunday to you all anyway.
I`ll start with my ramble and then you`ll see why I need some advice.
While I`m making cards to raise funds for the Candlelighters Trust (see sidebar) I seem to be on a mission to make the brightest cards on the planet. My reasoning behind this is that I want to produce something a bit different. Something you can`t get in the shops or even at craft stalls.
We have a lady sells her handmade cards in the shopping centre that I work in and, although they are lovely and appear to sell well, they are a little on the plain side. I decided that there may be a market for bright, colourful but slightly CaS cards. I am making some " normal" cards too but the confidence, or lack of, is starting to kick in and now I`m not sure I`m doing the right thing.
After making my bright yellow and black card the other day, I`ve followed the same basic design and made this one. Would you take a look and tell me what you think and whether it`s worth making a few more?
With hindsight I think I maybe should have used an EF on the Magenta card base.
The panel is Pink Petticoat Brocade in Pistachio printed onto white card, with rounded corners.
I made the banner using a square die and reducing the size and a smaller square die at an angle to make the inverted `V`.Sentiment is by Flourishes and I`ve made a rolled rose using a Marianne Designs rose die.

Is that bright enough for you? What do you think and if you do like it, can you think of any other colour combo`s I could use?
I have ready to make up, orange and pistachio, pale green and pale pink, brown and pistachio, red and black,
pale green and lavender.
Thank you for sticking with me if you`ve got this far.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. I like these colours together and the pink is gorgeous...lovely card Lynne


  2. It's lovely and these colours go really well together there are tons of colour combo's you can use with this style I will give you a few and see what you think
    Brown and turquoise
    Pink and black
    Pink and lime green
    purple and green
    yellow/ lemon and black
    Hope these few help but you can also check out this blog as they often do colour combo challenges http://mytimemadeeasy.com
    but yes the card you have done is is beautiful
    Jacki xx

  3. Personally I love bright and from selling St Luke's cards - unusual ones do go down well. My best tip is to make them blank enough and then take sentiments with you to stamp when you sell them - it always seems someone wants "That image but for an anniversary not a birthday" so I've often changed them to suit. Adding names for 50p goes down well too.

    For colour combos - use an online colour wheel - there are loads out there for free and you can do 2, 3 or 5 colour combos on them and be sure they work.

    Hope that helps


  4. I love your cards, but I am hopeless with colour combos, what I think looks great before I fix the card together doesn't always seem to work ..... maybe that is because I love white cards so much .......lol, love that btw and the stamping idea from Tara is a great idea

  5. I love the colour combo, and nice to see you took the idea of making the banner with the square die one step further.
    Like anything I think different cards are for different groups. There was someone at work selling her cards and everyone thought they were wonderful but then others tell me mine are good and they are completely different styles. Personally I can make cards and used to buy them ages ahead for people, but it seems to me that some people have to wait til it is a birthday etc to buy a card.
    Anyway, I think colour combos have been covered but why not look at the colour create challenge as they always have lovely combos.
    Lynn x

  6. I think this is fab and quite unusual so maybe would sell quite well.....

  7. I think you're definitely on the right lines Lynne; bright colours are everywhere at the moment. I love the colour combos you've suggested. I think your cards will sell very well indeed - this one is gorgeous!

  8. I love the bright colours and in particular this one in the pink. I think using bright colours will make them stand out more and catch peoples eye. x

  9. I personally love pink and lime green together and think lime green/pink with a big dramatic bold black flower or similar works well. Good Luck, Lynne - your cards are always lovely so am sure they will sell... as far as colour combos are concerned I'd just experiment - if you like it then others will too!!!


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