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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Less is More # 63 and Angies Close Shave

Good Eving All!
 Well Mandi and Chrissie have excelled themselves today with this weeks Less is More challenge. Not only is it a one layer card but they want us to add some DOODLING. This could be faux stitching, hand written or drawn elements on your card.
 Argghh, that`s worse than acetate.
On the odd occasion that I do doodle, mine look like scribble. I can`t draw to save my life and my handwriting is atrocious.My fingers simply won`t do what my brain tells them to. Which is why I stamp...
I finally came up with this card...a total cop out but better than nowt.
The car stamp is by Hero Arts stamped in Memento Black and coloured with Spectrum Noir pens.
The sentiment is computer generated.
My feeble attempt at a doodle is the little puff of smoke from the back of the car. Sorry.
Maybe I`ll have a brainwave and come up with something else later.

It was Angie`s day for her head shave today. We have over £100 in pledges from sponsors so I`m chuffed to bits with that. All the money raised is for The Candlelighters Trust. This charity supports children with cancer and their families living in Yorkshire.
There are quite a lot of pics so here goes,

 My Dad was doing the honours with the clippers and he really got into the spirit of things with a handmade barbers pole ( fixed at a very proper angle) and some rather large name tags.
Angie had biked the 5 miles from work so her hair wasn`t in the best of styles to start with hee hee.
Are you sure about this?
             Too late now!!!

Definitely too late now.
Angie looks like she`s impersonating a pineapple and dads really got into the swing of things

   Just a bit ( a lot) of tidying to do.

Almost done.
Did you want to keep the tufts around your ears?

A quick trim with the scissors by me to finish and we`re all done.
I have a sneaky suspicion that that smile is a little forced ha ha.
Never mind love, it`ll grow back in no time.
A big shout out for my dad for being such a good sport and very good with the trimmers for a first attempt :)

Ruby is home from the hospital now. She`s absolutely fine and they`re hoping to reschedule her op for next week.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Hola Lynne THIS IS A VERY BRAVE WOMAN!!!!!Congratulation for your 100£ and i hope the next week the op is possible.
    The smoke in your card is a fantastic effect, is like the card is running, great idea Lynne!
    A warm hug from you and your family

  2. Love the little puff of smoke, perfect and so cute :)

  3. Just think onthr puff of smoke. It's a really difficult challenge this week isn't it!

  4. Fab card, your doodling is so cute.

  5. Your little puff is the perfect finishing touch to your fab card...who knows perhaps you'll be drawing the car next!!!
    Congrats on the fundraising

  6. Love your little puff it brings the card to life!

    Congrats on the fund raising. x

  7. Love the puff of smoke Lynne,great idea! Well done to Angie for being brave enough to do this for Ruby:) Congrats on the fundraising!
    Val x

  8. It's a brill card Lynne! Well done Angie and good luck with the fundraising
    Margaret x

  9. Your puff of smoke is the business Lynne!
    Super card and great pics of the shearing... all success to your fund raising and well done Angie!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  10. Good on Angie for taking the 'chop' - great fundraising.
    Real good card Lynne - ( am still thiking about mine as you have perfectly described how my doodles look too.....) - the little puff of smoke from the exhaust made me smile.x

  11. I thought it was worse than acetate too! You're puff of smoke was a great idea and looks like it was on the stamp.


  12. Brilliant card Lynne...love the puff of smoke...good luck with your fundraising


  13. Wow, you managed that puff of smoke fine didn't you! I suspect I might be skipping LIM this week as am hopeless at drawing :( Very clever of you though Lynne.

    Good for Angie too!


  14. What e cute card! So simple, but says all.

  15. WOW, that took some guts to shave her head - well done Angie.

    Your card is lovely and I love the doodled exhaust!


  16. Your puff of smoke is a brilliant addition
    The finishing touch
    Well done to Angie, how brave
    Do hope Ruby's op takes palce soon, what a traumatic time
    Thank you very much
    "Less is More"

  17. The card looks great Lynne, love that puff of smoke. I agree I had the hebe geebies too when I saw the challenge !How brave of Angie too all for a great cause though, hugs for Ruby too :) Viv xx

  18. So cute! That little puff of smoke really adds to the image I think!

    And wow on getting your head shaved - I could never do that! Very brave indeed.


  19. Sounds like a very worthy cause brave girl! Shows she has a lovely head because even with the crop she looks lovely.

    Little puff from the exhaust perfect touch XOXO Zoe

  20. Well I wouldn't have known you had drawn the smoke if you hadn't said Lynne, I think it looks fab.
    Angie is indeed very brave, I don't think I could do that.
    Lynn x

  21. Thought that it was a stamp! cute card x

  22. Brilliant card Lynne - your puff of smoke is fab!! I really love the ideas you come up with.

    Well done Angie!! I'm glad Ruby is okay.

  23. That bit of doodling makes the card and iot's a perfect shape, so no more of this I can't draw! LOL

    Glad Ruby is home, hhope it won't be long for her op. VERY brave of Angie.

  24. I love your little puff of smoke, it makes such a difference to the car image. Big congrats on the fundraising - and well done to Angie. xx

  25. I think it's very clever of you to even think of the car stamp and doing the puff of smoke - well done, too! Thanks for the update on Ruby and the Angie's shave. He did a great job! Hope the op gets rescheduled soon and all goes well!

  26. Way to go with the shave....nice job and it looks great. My older daughter had childhood cancer (brain Cancer). So, I know how you are feeling. My daughter was 12 yrs old at the time and is now 33 yrs old. She has some impairments from the surgeries and treatments. However, it is by far better than what the other perdictions that were presented to us. You are in my thoughts, heart and prayers....... I could not find you e-address for write you privately......May God bless you and your family.....

  27. hi lynne!! i laughed as i started reading your blog post! i don't doodle at all, either and for some of the same reasons you listed!! how funny is this??? my idea for this week's challenge is very similar to your card!! anywhoo... your card is wonderful, as always! will be praying for little ruby... hope you get the surgery rescheduled soon!

  28. Your puff of smoke is just perfect with that cute little card! LOVE it! I'd like to get that car image...that's what my first car looked like...only in baby blue! Your doodling is spot on with this card! Getting the head shaved is rather scary...although if my hair gets much thinner, maybe I should resort to that! LOL! Hope the surgery for Ruby gets rescheduled soon and that things go super smooth for everyone...but mostly Ruby!

  29. That's a lovely cute little red car.I love the sentiment too and ofcourse that smoke puff is more than perfect!

  30. Hi Lynne, I hope this ok but I have mentioned your card on my blog (also posted a link) as I thought it was a great take on the challenge. If this is not ok let me know and I will remove it.
    Hope all is going well.


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