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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Ruby`s Get well Card.

Good Evening All!

I made this card for Ruby a while ago but, although we knew she was seriously ill, she wasn`t poorly, so I decided to wait until she had her operation to give it to her.
I wanted something bright and cheerful for her and I chose this stamp from Sugar Nellie specially for the watering can. Ruby has an obsession with my watering can. Every time she visits, she insists on going out to look at the fish in the pond and then has to water everything, including the dogs if I don`t get there quick enough.
As all the papers and matted card are from my scrap box I`m entering this one into Pixies Crafty Snippets # 17.

As most of you know Ruby finally had her operation last friday. Now that was a day I don`t want to go through again. After over 5 hours in theatre she was taken to the High Dependancy Unit with an epidural for pain relief, a catheter and feeding tubes fitted. On saturday her dad Darren posted a pic on Facebook and, although she looked ok, you could tell she was still out of it.
But by sunday you could see a massive difference. She was a lot more alert and was chatting away.
On sunday evening the staff decided that the remaining kidney was functioning perfectly and the catheter was removed along with the epidural and yesterday (monday) the feeding tubes were taken out. She was allowed out of bed to walk to the play room and has been amazingly well.
You cannot imagine my surprise when I got home from work today to find a text on my ( not very mobile) mobile phone to say Ruby was coming home.
I`m sure it`s an age thing but I expected her to be in for at least another week but I`m sure the doctors know best. And just to prove it, I rang to see how she was and Cheryl told me that Ruby had been dancing around the living room and insisted on popping to Tesco`s with her dad ( quiet time across tea time). I suppose being so young has it`s advantages. If it doesn`t hurt, then it doesn`t bother her. I know full well that if I`d had an operation 4 days ago, I would have cotton wool wrapped around me lol.
She has been such a little star throughout this and I just hope that things carry on getting better.

Once again thank you so much for all your kind words and prayers. By the way I`m bringing smarties and marbles to the playground this week :)

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Lynne I am sure Ruby loved her card...so good to hear shes feeling better...


  2. What a brave little girl she is! Children never cease to amaze me with how they just get on with things. Bless her, I'm so glad she's feeling so well.

    Your card for her is so pretty.

  3. Fab bright card and great news about Ruby...

  4. My comment has gone onto the wrong card Lynne - sorry, it's on your lovely flower cards

  5. Ruby is going to adore her card, Lynne, it's just perfect in every way! I can't believe she is out and bouncing around already! It truly is amazing and I'm so thankful everything is going so well!

  6. Oh Lynne what fantastic news. Children are amazingly resilient. So very happy all went well and Ruby is doing so wonderfully. Bless her for a long and healthy life. Your card is absolutely beautiful.

  7. Gorgeous card Lynne - and such fabby news. So pleased Ruby is home and bouncing around, as Bernie says, amazing how resilient children are.Big smile here :) Di xx

  8. Gorgeous snippet make Lynne. Pleased to hear Ruby is doing so well, children are just so resilient. Carol x
    PS I had sweet tobacco on Sunday but I'm afraid I kept it all to myself lol.

  9. Gorgeous card Lynne - I'm sure it really cheered her up.

    So glad she's made such a remarkable recovery - long may it continue!

  10. Such a pretty card for an amazing little girl xx

  11. A lovely card Lynne, the stamp with her hat on reminded me of the photo you posted of Ruby with her Easter bonnet on:) Delighted you have such positive news!
    Val x

  12. What a beautifully bright card for a very brave girl! So pleased to hear all has gone well - it's amazing how quickly a young body bounces back! Vicky x

  13. That's great news Lynne! Your card for her is beautiful and I'm sure she'll love it :) Sarah x

  14. Such a pretty card and I bet Ruby will be out with your watering can just as soon as she can be. Hugs mrs a

  15. YAY! I am SOOO pleased all went well for Ruby. I love your bright and cheerful card.

    I'm up for a game of marbles with you xxxx

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