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Sunday 1 July 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets #27 and a tale of woe

Good evening All!

While hubby`s watching the footie I thought I`d grab a few minutes to post a card I made earlier today. I`ve been watching Viv at Daizy- Maes -designs while she has been showcasing cards made with Digi Stamps from Beccy.
I particularly liked the birdhouse one so I treat myself during the week. I think I might just have to treat myself again in the very near future as Beccy`s stamps are really lovely.
I`m entering this into Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge too as I`ve raided the snippets box for the backing papers.
It`s a really rubbish photo because it has been very cloudy here for most of the day. I must also confess that my desk was so full of junk leftover bits and pieces that there was no room to get my photo box and lamps out, (slapped wrist) and no amount of tweaking with the editing did any good.
Anyways, onto the card. The DP are left over bits of Pink Petticoat cut into squares and matted onto pink card.
The image is from Beccys Place coloured with promarkers and Spectrum Noir pens and the sentiment is computer generated.
I have a couple more cards in the pipeline from my snippet box which I`ll post later in the week and hopefully I`ll find some time to comment on the other entries, I was very lax last week and for that I appologise ladies

Last night I read about Vicky`s son having an accident on his bike and damaging his teeth, poor lad and it reminded me of an incident when my lad, Alan was young.
When the kids were little I had a job at a small local laundry. My husband worked funny shifts, mainly evenings 4pm til 2 am and nights 8pm til 8am. This also involved weekends so he had quite a bit of free time during week days with maybe 4 or 5 days a month when he would be in bed most of the day.
The girls were both at primary school and little Alan was at pre school all day but, because he was so young we thought it best if he went home for lunch.
My boss was very good at letting me start after dropping the kids at school and on the days when hubby was sleeping, he let me pick Alan up, take him home for lunch and drop him back off at school.
One monday lunchtime I turned up to collect Alan to be met by a teacher who explained that Alan had had a small accident with another child and a see saw. Apparently Alan was standing near the `down` side when this other little lad swung from the `up` side and the see saw had caught Alan under the chin. He had a some blood on his tee shirt but seemed quite happy. After telling the teacher that it was ok and these things happen we set off home. The school was about a ten minute walk from our house but I did get a bit frazzled about getting home, sorting lunch out and then getting Alan and myself back on time so when Alan said " Mummy I think I`ve broken my tongue" I just explained that you can`t break your tongue. You can break an arm or a leg because it has a bone in it but a tongue hasn`t. He was quite alright with that explanation and off we trotted. We got home and I plonked Alan in front of the telly ( bad mother) while I made us both a sandwich and then we settled down to watch some highly educational program like Fireman Sam or Thomas the Tank Engine.
Alan took a bite of his sandwich and said that it was hurting his tongue ( you know where this is going don`t you?). When I looked he had the biggest cut I`ve ever seen, almost the width of his tongue and it was sort of...gaping (sorry) He must have bitten into his tongue when the see saw hit him but no one had realised.
That was it, I couldn`t eat, I didn`t know what to do but I knew I couldn`t panic because that would only upset him. So, I rang our doctors surgery for advice and they put me through to a doctor who cheerily told me not to worry, it would be ok, they can`t stitch tongues but it would heal up in no time time just keep it clean and feed him soft food like yoghurt.
Alan, who was always a picky eater anyway was in his element because all he could have was yoghurt, chocolate milk and soggy cereals. And the doctor was dead right, by the thursday it had healed up.
For ages I had guilt pangs for not listening when he told me he had broken his tongue but I think he forgave me bless him.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Love the delicate colours on this one Lynne - quite unlike the bright cards I associate with your blog! Like it a lot though! The idea of having kids come home with injuries totally puts me off motherhood - i'm far too squeamish! M x

  2. Oh what a poor boy! It is so bad to habe a wound in the mouth!

    Your card is great, I love it!


  3. What a sweet image! I love your colours, they look fab with the snippet background!

    Motherhood is so hard! The hardest of all is when something goes wrong and you have to be calm while inside you're screaming and panicking! At least when they're grown up you don't have to worry quite so much!!

    love Mags B x

  4. Wonderful card Lynne, your colour scheme is very pretty and feminine.

    No one tells you what a worry it is having children, people should warn you that from the day they place that sweet bundle of joy in your arms, a day won't go by without you worrying about something! I'm surprised your son's tongue didn't bleed more, they usually bleed like mad even when it's only a bite on the side! Glad it was only a short time before it healed :)

    Have a great evening xx

  5. Lovely card Lynne I can see why you wanted that image.
    What a tale, poor lad. I remember telling my Mum I wasn't well, she dragged me to school and just as we got there she looked at me and I had come out in spots - I had measles, so back home we went!
    Lynn x

  6. Gorgeous card lynne, I'm gonna get all my bits of paper and have a go at similar. Your story about your son is very similar to one I can tell about my daughter. When she was about 2 she fell off the slide in our garden and bitten her tongue . . . like your son, she had bitten so badly that her tongue was hanging off . . . I rushed her to hospital and was told that it would heal itself, which it did very quickly. Boy what a panic though.

  7. Gorgeous card and lovely colours! Your son's incident reminded me of when I was little. I fell over and winded myself and because I couldn't speak for what seemed hours but was only seconds I was convinced I had swallowed my tongue and that was why I couldn't talk!

  8. Gorgeous card, fab image and love the colours too. Oh poor Alan I am glad it healed so quickly and I bet he loved all the chocolate milk too. Hugs, Amanda x

  9. Gorgeous card and love that birdhouse image. What a tale but glad your son's tongue healed in no time. Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Wonderful card, love the patchwork effect as well as the birdhouse.

    Almost keeled over at the tale of your son - they say the tongue heals very quickly but yikes, what a scare!

    Been offline while IT here sorts things out, so ironing got done at least :) Di xx

  11. This is such a sweet image Lynne and I like the grid layout you've used. I was pretty calm (well I thought so anyway!) dealing with the tooth incident but I don't think I could've been if it had been a cut tongue! It sounds horrific and I'm amazed that it would heal so quickly! Vicky x

  12. I don't blame you for treating yourself, it's an adorable image and good job on the snippets use.

    Poor Alan! That must've hurt something awful. I know how it hurts when I bite my tongue just a nip! Kids are so resilient and forgiving, thank goodness!

  13. Gorgeous card. Poor Alan . . . I'm sure he's forgotten all about it now! xxx


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