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Sunday, 27 May 2012

Casual Fridays Masculine

Good Afternoon Everyone.
In all the excitment of seeing Ruby yesterday I forgot to welcome my new followers. Very remiss of me I know and I apologise. So I would like to extend a very warm welcome to Samantha, Tracy and Misseke. Thank you for choosing my blog to follow.

Over on CAS- ual Fridays the challenge is to make a clean and simple male card. Now you all know how I struggle with man cards and the men themselves don`t exactly help do they? I swear if it was left to my OH there would be no such things as greeting cards at all. But I have to make a start on some for the fundraising box so this is my first one of (hopefully) many.

I know I seem to be using this design a lot lately but it works for me.
Background is Pink Petticoat Chevron in Duck Egg.
I printed the letters on the PC using Ariel Hollow font and then filled them in with blue glitter using a fine tip nozzle. Wasn`t sure about glitter on man cards but hey..even men need a bit of sparkle in their lives don`t they?
The sentiment is from 2 different stamp sets and I can`t remember which sorry, stamped inVersafine Onyx. The banner is simply a strip cut with the trimmer and I`ve made the `v`s` with the corner of a square nestie.
Nice simple little card. I haven`t joined in with the casual girls in ages so I`m pleased I had the time to do this one.

We had a lovely afternoon with Ruby and her mum & dad yesterday. Ruby arrived dressed in her new Tinkerbell dress and the easter bonnet I made for her. Believe me it`s a look only a three year old can carry off, hee hee she looked a picture. After the obligatory counting of the fish in the pond and watering the plants ( something that has become a ritual) she found the biscuits and settled down to stuff her face. All was going so well until she decided to climb onto a dining chair and promptly slid off between the back rest and the seat banging her head on the radiator control knob. She has a huge egg on the back of her head and there were tears all round, including me but she`s fine again now. Poor little mite, as if she`s not going through enough right now.

Right I`m off again to enjoy the sunshine while I can.
Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Lovely card, love the colours...

  2. Love the simplicity of this card Lynne and the clean colours..
    Oh poor Ruby but thats children for you..Lol..Lol
    hope her lump has gone down today.


  3. What a gorgeous card...love the chevron stripes in the background. Thanks so much for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays!

  4. I think it's a great design Lynne - and glitter for men is fine as long as its not pink ;-)
    Poor Ruby - but kids will be kids - even illness doesn't stop them climbing!

  5. Fantastic card Lynne - love the CAS, stylish design. Ooh, poor Ruby - I hate it when the little ones hurt themselves. Hope she's okay.

  6. Well I think a bit of sparkle won't harm...love the pretty shade of blue you used :0)
    Thanks for playing along at CASual Fridays Lynn.

    Jenny x

  7. I love the chevron background Lynne and the sentiment banner. Poor Ruby could probably have done without that bump! Vicky x

  8. Fabulous card Lynne, love the chevrons, perfect for a man.

  9. Fantastic manly card - I really love it x x

  10. That chevron paper is gorgeous! And yes, I believe men can have glitter. So glad you could play along this week at CAS-ual Fridays!

  11. Another beautiful 'clean' looking card Lynne,you are so good at these. Aww poor Ruby hope her head is better now :) Viv xx


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