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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Less is More # 69 Recipe

Good afternoon all. I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely late spring weather. Last week I couldn`t stand being in the loft as it was so cold but this week it`s too hot. I can`t win, not that I`m complaining, honest.

This week at Simply Less is More, the challenge is a recipe, NOT A SQUARE or a rectangle either.
We are asked to make a shaped card. I used to make loads of oddly shaped cards when I first got into cardmaking but have concentrated on more regular square or rectangle ones lately so it was a nice change to do something different.
My plans to make a pile of baby cards last week didn`t come to much as I couldn`t get motivated for some reason so for my card today I`m sticking with babies.
I had coloured lots of these Giraffes in advance so I simply cut around it.
The card base is made from a Spellbinders Lacey Circle Die.
I`ve added a piece of blue gingham across the middle and placed the giraffe with foam pads.
The sentiment is by Personal Impressions.
Both the giraffe and the gingham are from Pink Petticoat.

I`m quite pleased with this one but if I get some time I might have to have another go.

Ruby is coming to see us soon. She came back from hospital last night for the weekend after having a full week of Radio therapy and a new variation of Chemo. Honestly, that child is amazing. Nothing gets her down at all.
This is Ruby last tuesday after her first R/T session and halfway through a five hour Chemo session. I really don`t think I`d feel up to painting anything after all that.
Where Ruby and her family live is classed as `deprived` but as with anywhere there are good and bad, mostly good I hasten to add.
On thursday one of the neighbours asked which was Ruby`s favourite Disney Princess as her young daughter wanted to draw Ruby a picture. That in itself made Mum Cheryl cry but..it was all a ruse. Unbeknown to anyone, a couple of neighbours went to every house in the street collecting to buy her a present for when she came home. Cheryl rang me this morning in tears, apparently you can`t move in her livingroom for dressing up clothes, dolls, bags everything including cutlery and a placemat. All from the Disney shop which isn`t cheap.
It just goes to show how kind and thoughtful people really are and I can`t find words to thank them enough.
I think I`m going to cry again now.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Pretty card Lynne..love the image..
    so pleased Ruby is home for the week end...I would love to have seen Rubys face with all the Disney things...bless her


  2. This is a gorgeous little card Lynne and the kindness of Ruby's neighbours brought a tear to my eye too... just wonderful!
    All good wishes continue to be sent in her direction!
    Thanks so much
    "Less Is More"

  3. the baby card is just adorable!! thank you for sharing the wonderful story about ruby's neighbors!! it brought tears to my eyes... so glad to hear that she is home and doing well!

  4. Love this Lynne.
    Doesn't it make you realize how good people are. I hope Ruby is soon feeling well again xx Jan

  5. Hola Lynne, my friend...Ruby is a very blessed little girl, tender and wonderful history, i'm very touched, she's a born fighter...you and your family are in my prayers.
    Sweet and tender card Lynne, great job as always.
    A warm hug from Palma

  6. Lovely card Lynne - and we hear so many bad things about so called 'deprived areas' but what they lack in finances they make up for in kindness. Hugz to you all. x

  7. Well I'm in floods now too - does you good to hear there are still good people around (we're having issues in our neighbourhood with smashed cars and windows) So glad she's doing well.
    The card is just gorgeous!

  8. Fab card and such a lovely story....

  9. Your card is really cute. Lovely CAS design!

  10. You've made me tear up, as well. I'm so glad that Ruby is not only hanging in there, but as spunky as ever after her treatment. What an amazing girl! And the neighbors' generousity shows there is still so much good in the world.

    Your little giraffe card is adorable!!

  11. Oh Lynne, you've made me cry too. Little Ruby is such an amazing little girl the way she is coping! What a wonderful gesture from the neighbours - sometimes those with the least, give the most.

    Love your little card!

  12. Gorgeous card, perfect, Rebecca x

  13. You made me cry aswell. Very special of those neighbours! I am glad to read that Ruby will come home soon.

    Your card is very sweet.

    Hugs from the Netherlands

  14. Lynne, that circular card is just precious!! LOVE that giraffe!! It warms my heart to hear stories of "good" people. The world is full of good people, you just rarely hear the stories..thanks for sharing such a happy story!

  15. A gorgeous baby card, the lace edging really sets it off.
    Your story about Ruby and the neighbors is so touching, people can be so kind.

  16. Aww Lynne, I'm choked here
    What amazing little girl she is
    and what kindness of the neighbours, aww so touching

    Continued well wishes and loads of cyber hugs
    Sorry, your card is fabulous"
    Thank you very much
    "Less is More"

  17. Precious card, and I like one million kisses for Ruby and family.

  18. Beautiful baby card, love the giraffe. Ruby looks really happy to be painting bless her.

  19. Oh Lynne - you've brought a tear to my eye with the kindness of Ruby's neighbours - it just shows it doesn't matter how much money you have you just can't buy this type of kindness. That's an amazing photo of Ruby and my thoughts are with her and your family. On the main reason I popped over here ..... your card is gorgeous, love that giraffe!

  20. What kind neighbours and what a fighter Ruby is to be creating like that while she's having treatment.
    Cute card

  21. What a cute card and an even more cute little girl. It's good to hear of the caring community.

  22. Love your card, so CAS and just right for a baby.
    Bless little Ruby, she looks like she is taking it all in her stride in this photo. So pleased that she has some lovely Disney treats when she gets home, a real feelgood story.
    Lynn x

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Lucky I had a box of tissues on my desk when I read this Lynne. It's not what people have that makes a neighbourhood, it's the people who live there and it doesn't sound like a deprived area to me. Sending all good wishes to the amazing Ruby! Vicky x

    I almost forgot to comment on your gorgeous round card! It's gorgeous, I like your giraffe motif and the little scallop frill around it.

  25. Love your baby card. The giraffe is just so cute! It's lovely to see the pic of Ruby looking so happy during her treatment and aren't your daughter's neighbours fab! x

  26. Lovely Card. What a precious child! Ruby looks like she is having fun with paints. Glad to hear there is a support system of neighbors for the family. Sending them prayer and hugs:)

  27. Darling circle card, and great CAS. I wouldn't want to paint either, Ruby is a trooper. What a fabulous surprise, and so thoughtful. I am sure I would be in tears too. What a great support group they have.

  28. A beautiful circle card & such a sweet image. Little Ruby shames us all with her cheerfulness & what a fab surprise from the neughbours.
    Sally x

  29. What a gorgeous card Lynne, such a sweet image too. Awww what lovely neighbours too :) Viv xx


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