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Thursday 10 May 2012

A whoo hoo, a Ruby update...oh and a card.

Good afternoon all. I hope I find you well. It`s a bit breezy here today but at least no rain as yet, fingers crossed.

I`ll start with my whoo hoo.
About a month ago I recieved an e mail from Heather at Papercraft Inspirations Magazine asking if I`d like one of my cards to be included in the 100th edition. Well ofcourse I had to think about it...for about a nano second and it is now on the shelves. Co- incidently Tara and Jenny my fellow DT members from St Lukes are also on the same page. How spooky is that?
I`ve been wandering about with a massive grin on my face for a month now, this is so cool...I`ve been published..yayyy!

Right, time to calm down now.
Ruby had to go to St James (Jimmy`s) hospital on tuesday as this is where they will be having her radiotherapy.
Tuesdays visit was to show her all the machinery and what it does so she wouldn`t be too scared when the process begins. She also had to have a mould made for a mask to protect her from the radiotherapy. The play co ordinator met her there and they turned the whole business into a game for her and she loved it apart from the actual laying down bit for the mask. Not a problem at all, they expected to have to sedate her and they did, everything went well and Ruby wasn`t fazed in the least.
The radiotherapy treatment starts next tuesday and she has to have treatment every day, monday to friday for three weeks. She is also having a different course of chemotherapy for the next 34 weeks. We are all still very positive but I think we`re still prepared for her to be a bit more poorly this time. Ruby still amazes us how well she has taken all the prodding and poking, treatments. surgeries, both major and minor and even the upheavel of being away from home. She is certainly one very strong spirited little girl.
I`ve added a couple of pics so you can see the toll it`s taken on her.
The first one is from Alans and Rachels wedding last september.

 This one was taken in my living room 5 days after her major operation to remove the tumour and a kidney.
You can see how her hair has thinned and just how much weight she has lost but she just doesn`t let anything bother her. I know theres a long way to go yet but I`m sure with her spirit she`ll come through this even stronger than she is.

Phew, well if you`re still with me I`d better show you my card.
 This is a style I`ve used lots of times before and probably will again. Very simple but I like it.
One thing I`ve found over the past few months is the amount of white card snippets I have accumalated. I tend to used a full A4 sheet to print a tiny sentiment or image so I`ve quite alot of nearly full sheets in the box.
This whole card is made from snippets so I`m entering it the playground over on Pixies crafty snippets. I missed last week and had hoped to have a selection for this week but it wasn`t to be.
I made the card by making a panel slightly smaller than the base card and running it through the cuttlebug with a swiss dots EF.
The image is from Flourishes Orchids set coloured with markers and cut out with a nestie labels 4 die.
The sentiment is from the same set and I`ve added a ribbon and bow.

I`d like to take this chance to welcome my new followers, Sparklygirl Tina,Kathy, Crafty Stamper and Alleta.
Thank you for choosing my littleblog to follow.

Well I don`t know about you but I`m worn out now after all that.
Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Firstly Lynne congrats on being in print...your card is so pretty and love the image which you have coloured bautifully...my best wishes to Ruby when she starts her treatment....


  2. Huge congratulations on being published Lynne - I will look out for the magazine.

    Ruby is beautiful, and what a little fighter she is - I wish her all the best.

    Your card is gorgeous BTW!
    Sending big hugs to you and yours- Sylvia xx

  3. Oh Lynne, what a fabulous card - just beautiful! I welled up over Ruby, which isn't in the least bit helpful, she's a little darling and in the very best hands. All your playmates are running round with fingers and toes crossed and sending hugs of support.

    And as for being published, well - does that mean that you and Tara will be selling autographs in the playground? Must look out for the magazine - and really well done!

    It reminds me of when I lived in Germany in the 60's - I know, I'm soooo old. A girl in our House came back to boarding school with the Beatles autographs, by luck she'd been on the same flight or something when travelling to and from Germany where the Beatles spent some time (Hamburg I think) working. The little rascal used to charge us some of our precious pocket money to handle the envelope with their signatures on - that girl would no doubt have gone far! Snort, who knows - perhaps she forged them anyhow!

    Well done again and thanks so much for the update on Ruby.


  4. Congratulations Lynne on becoming a famous card maker! Hope all goes well with Ruby's treatment, lovely photos of her :o)
    Val x

  5. Stunning card as always and congrats on being published it's a great feeling isn't it
    Ruby is a little gem and I wish her all the best no child should have go through this
    Jacki xx

  6. I still haven't managed to lay my hands on a copy of the magazine - I've asked in so many places and no-one seems to have received their deliveries so far :( Either that or there is some huge conspiracy to stop me getting one!
    Glad Ruby is still coping well - she's such a brave little girl. The photo does show how poorly she is though, bless her little heart.
    Fabulous card too.
    Tara x

  7. Yay I have my copy to proudly display :0) So cool that we are all in the same issue!
    Thanks for the Update, she certainly is a strong little girl. I hope this next lot of treatment allows her to cope with the side affects too.
    Beautiful card..that bow is perfect.
    Jenny x

  8. Absolutely beautiful card Lynne.
    Thanks for the update, Ruby is an incredible brave little girl and wish everything goes well for her.

  9. Hi Lynne, first of all a massive congratulations on being published!! I am thrilled to bits for you and it is so well deserved - first of many I hope! Which card is it???

    Bless little Ruby. Yes, the photos do show the change in her but, as you say, she has such an amazing spirit and I'm sure this helps, as well as all the love and positivity around her. I think you are all incredible!

    As usual your card today is a perfect example of what you do best. Gorgeous!

  10. Thanks for the update on Ruby. Bless her little heart. Hope all goes well for her over the coming months. Sending hugs to you ALL.

    Congratulations on getting published too Lynne. Such great news. Well deserved too.

    Have a great weekend xxx

  11. Stunning card & congrats on being published too..well deserved!!

    My love to you & your family..Ruby is an incredible & strong little girl and such an inspiration too...
    hugs and xxx

  12. What a simply beautiful smile Ruby has. Poor little mite, she's being so brave with all the examinations. *hugs*

    Another elegant card, Lynne! So pretty! The one in the magazine is fab, too, so bright and vivid. You thoroughly deserve the kudos, your cards are great!

    love Mags B x

  13. What a lot Ruby has had to cope with! Bless her and all of you too.
    I was delighted to see that you'd been published Lynne - what a lovely boost for you! Today's card is lovely to and done in the true Atkinson style! Vicky x

  14. stunning card Lynne but your Ruby is even more of a Stunner. Give her a big big hug from me. hope her treatment day goes ok. hugs Mrs A.

  15. Congratulations on being published Lynne! Thanks for the update on Ruby. Bless her, she is adorable and beautiful. Your card is superb!!

  16. Firstly - congratulations on being published. It's a wonderful feeling and I can understand the grin!!! I'll have to wait to see the magazine when it gets to the States!

    Thanks for the update on Ruby - she has a lot to cope with, but she looks like she's doing well.

    Second - love this card - so, so elegant.

  17. What a wonderful little girl Ruby is and I wish her well in her treatment. Please keep us posted wont you.
    Congratulations on being published. This card it absolutely gorgeous.

    Hugs xx


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