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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Less is More # 106 and a story of a truly beautiful little girl.

Good Afternoon and a happy sunday to you all. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that yours is not whizzing past as quickly as mine is. I really don`t know where the time goes.
Anyway, the challenge this week at Simply Less is More is a one layer card incorporating MUSIC.
We also have some bad news but some good news too. Sadly Mandi has decided to leave the team to concentrate on her wedding shop. She will be sadly missed but I`m sure she`ll pop in from time to time and let us know how things are going. The good news is that Jen has agreed to stay on as a permanant DT. I love Jens designs and get a lot of inspiration from her.

I really struggled this week. I have a lovely music notes stamp that I wanted to use but after two failed attempts at masking and stamping I gave up and had to resort to a computer generated image. Certainly not one of my better efforts but I`m running out of time.

The image started out as a sheet of music which I digitally cut out with a heart shaped cookie cutter on Microsoft Greetings.
The sentiment is also computer generated using Amazone font
I`m not at all happy with this card and if I get time during the week I`ll make a `proper` card.

It`s almost a year since Ruby was diagnosed with cancer (15th feb) and I`m still amazed at the amount of positives that have come from such a devastating time.
Some time ago Ruby`s mum Cheryl made `friends` with a girl she used to go to school with, on facebook.
When she heard about Ruby, Sara told her daughter Callie about it and, having lost a family member to cancer not long ago, Callie wanted to do something worthwhile to raise funds.
Callie is 10 years old but obviously has the heart of a much older girl as she decided to have her long hair cut and to donate it to the Little Princess Trust where they make wigs for children with cancer. Not only that but has spread the word to raise the £350 it costs to have one wig made up. To date she has raised £376 on Just Giving alone, that`s without the pledges that still have to be received.
When Callie decided that this was what she wanted to do, her Mum Sara sent e mails to some of the hair salons in Hull asking if they would be prepared to do it and she got a reply from Alexander Turnbull who is an award winning hairdresser and is stylist  to quite a few celebrities. Alex agreed to do it and also got the publicity machine going.
Callie had her hair cut yesterday and our local paper Hull Daily Mail and Regional Television News Team Calender were also there. Cheryl and Ruby were invited and they were all treated to a fabulous morning with both little girls getting their nails done. Ruby apparently was a bit shy to begin with but soon turned into a proper little diva.
We were told that the Calender story would probably go out either saturday or sunday depending on other news so we were all taken by surprise when it was actually broadcast last night. Luckily I remembered to record it.

This is Callie before the haircut. All plaited up ready to be chopped off..
This Callie and Ruby together after the haircut. Callie was lovely with Ruby, so natural.
 And this one is Ruby the Diva waiting to have her nails painted.
 I am such a proud Mum and Grandma and so in awe of the beautiful Callie. I`m still beaming.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. That little girl put most of us adults to shame - what a wonderful, giving heart!

  2. Lynne what a moving story and well done to Callie for having her beautiful locks cut to help others...amazing little girl..Loved the pics of Rubie having her nails done..well it does make a girl feel better being pampered..lOl..lOl..
    Your card is lovely...


  3. Hi Lynne, when I followed your link on FB and read this story it made me cry and now you've done it again! Some adults would do well to learn from both Ruby and Callie - such amazing little girls, for different reasons. It's been such an emotional year for you all but, like you said, so many good and positive things have happened too.

    Now, onto your card. What do you mean you'll make a 'proper' card?! This is a FABULOUS card; the design is brilliant. There I am using Craft Artist all the time and didn't even know what to do with the punch/cutter things, lol! You've taught me something new today - thank you!

  4. fabulous heart!

    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen xx
    "Less Is More"

  5. Fab card Lynne.. Like it very much.
    Words fail me about Callie - what a wonderful gesture from a child who is probably beginning to be more and more aware of her own appearance and has helped others by thinking about them first before herself. Wonderful. Ruby looks good! And i bet the two of them spent the rest of the day waving their hands in front of everyone and being expressive in order to show off their fab nails! xx

  6. Oh Lynnes sitting hear with tears in my eyes what a pair of inspirational little girls and then had to smile at Ruby waiting to get her nails done ! & I'm with Katina this is a fabulous card! x

  7. A beautiful child both inside and out, Callie has shown that one little person can do so much, with a little bit of help! Beautiful story Lynne, I'm glad Ruby got a little treat as well.

    I love your card too!


  8. What a wonderful post Lynne... you must be so proud of Ruby and how wonderful to have the support of a fabulous girl like Callie.
    Your card is a proper card, I love it and I think you're really clever to use all that whizzy computer stuff!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  9. What an amazing act of kindness - can't believe I missed calendar last night! Tara x

  10. I'm welling up here at this and that lovely picture of Ruby looking all grown up waiting for the nail polish.
    I love the card, it is a proper card!
    Lynn x

  11. your card is beautiful, lynne!! and like everyone else, i'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as i type this comment. both girls are true inspirations. thanks so much for sharing the story and the photos!!

  12. What a heart-warming post Lynne - Callie is an example to us all. What lovely photos these are as well - Ruby looks as if she could get used to having the star treatment!

    Your card worked out really well I think Lynne. Bold and elegant! Vicky x

  13. Well I think your card is simple, elegant and lovely!

    And I just loved reading your post about Ruby and Callie. I saw the clip on FB too. They're both wonderful girls. I can see why you're so proud - and so you should be. xxx

  14. You're as bad as me! I think your card is FABULOUS! I'm learning to use digis more...and why not when they look this great! Your granddaughter is so precious...how wonderful to have such a sweet friend!

  15. Hola Lynne, i'm so glad to see you, thank you for your comment.
    Oooh my friend, what amazing post, i thnik Ruby is a very blessed girl and Callie is an excepcional young girl and very special like Ruby.
    Fantastic card Lynne, you're a digiqueen, great digi work!.So elegant too.
    A warm hug from Palma

  16. What a beautiful post Lynne, I can see your pride shining out from here and very justified it is too.
    What amazing Children both of them.
    Hugs & prayers winging they way to them.
    I love your card, I think it fits the bill perfectly..I know we are our own worst critics though.....lol
    Hugs Mau xx

  17. I'm with you on feeling like the digis aren't "proper," and I'm sticking with the old tactile fun of using an actual stamp and getting inky and not letting the computer have all the fun! They sure do make some adorable images, tho.

    Your post and update on Ruby is wonderful, Lynne! I've been wondering how Ruby is doing and now I've come by just in time to read all about the angel Callie and see that Ruby is a local celebrity! This has me beaming, too! How inspirational these young ladies are!!

  18. Lynne, this post has had me near enough in tears.

    The clip is in one way heartbreaking, yet in another very inspirational. I have nothing but admiration for Ruby and Callie.

    Hugs to you all

    Love Sheila x


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