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Monday, 2 November 2009

How good is this...

I mentioned before about how gorgeous FLOURISHES.ORG stamps are and how much I would love some but thought the postage would be too expensive. Well my youngest child, my darling son said he would buy me some for Christmas but would I order them. How could I refuse.
Unfortunatley no matter what I did the order wouldn`t go through so I sent flourishes an e-mail. The lovely Sharon Doolittle got back in touch with me and over 3 or 4 e-mails we`ve (she) came up with a solution and my stamps are on the way. I know I can`t play with them until Christmas but I am beside myself with excitment AND the postage wasn`t that bad either. For two sets of stamps, and they are good sized sets aswell, plus postage came to less than £25. How good is that!
When they arrive, if I can sneak a peek and photograph them before he hides them away I will post the photo to show you all. If not I`ll probably do it Christmas day `cos they are that gorgeous. I can`t wait..
I just want to thank all the team but most especially Sharon for all her hard work and patience and for going that extra mile. THANK YOU!
Lynne xxx

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