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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Foxgloves and fairies

Hello everyone.

First of all could I thank everyone for their comments, sympathy and advice on my back problem. I`m really grateful that you have taken the time to send me your thoughts and I`m working on some of the advice . Unless something serious happens I`m not going to mention any ailments from now, I promise. This is, after all,a craft blog not a health blog. Thank you.

As you might have guessed by now I am in danger of becoming addicted to making CAS cards for the Less is More Challenge.I have my second card for this week today and it`s only sunday.
There is a story behind this particular stamp and I`ll tell it you later.

This is my card,

And I did a pink one aswell, just for fun.

The stamp is from Artkure Stamping Systems and it cost me the princely sum of 50p. Yeah that`s right, 50p, in a clearance sale at fabric/ craft shop about 2 years ago.
I`ve tried colouring it in the past with promarkers but it didn`t look right and there is a tutorial on the Artkure site which recommends stamping with brushmarkers and then using them to watercolour. I did try this but I`m useless. I kept getting green onto the flowers and pink onto the leaves so the poor stamp has been sitting gathering dust along with 3 of it`s friends.
Anyway, while I was looking at my stamp collection yesterday to decide which one to use on my `off the edge` card, I thought I`d have a go at using it just as an outline image. I think it works.
The sentiment is from Flourishes Tag Lines ( ofcourse) .

Right, my little story. I`ve always had a thing about Foxgloves. Along with Aqualigia they remind me of fairies.
Quite a few years ago we took our caravan to Rosedale Abbey on the North Yorkshire Moors for a short break. Along a very windy road on the moors we came across a wild flower nursery that was selling, among other things, foxgloves. I only bought one because I wasn`t sure how would do in the soil in our garden but we planted it when we got home and it took off beautifully and flowered.
At the time my eldest grandaughter Charlotte was about 3 and when she came to visit one day I told her we had fairies in the garden. She looked at me as if I was a bit daft so I took her outside and told her that if we were really quiet we might see a fairy near the foxglove. The second I finished speaking, a bee flew off the flower and whizzed passed Charlottes head. She then did that thing that only small children do, you know when they get so excited that they can hardly breathe or speak, looked at me with wide eyes and said " I saw one Grandma, I saw a fairy".
For years she was convinced we had fairies in our garden. She`ll be 15 next month, I wonder if she still believes in fairies.
Anyway that is the reason I`ve used ` Smile ` as my sentiment because every time I think of that day, I have to smile, it was magic.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Hi Lynne,
    Another lovely card. I love both cards especially the pink one.

  2. Ahhh, what a lovely story. TFS.
    Great stamp and lovely card.
    Hugs, Sandra

  3. What a wonderful stamp and what a bargain!
    it looks super!
    If you stamp using a dye based pad or Brilliance works great
    Stamp as normal, then take a water brush and drag some of the colour to shade the image. not loads of water, just enough to make the colour 'move'
    it's subtle and I think wold work well with your stamp
    Thanks for joining us Lynne
    Great to see you
    "Less is More"

  4. Lynne, your card is beautiful. TFS. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. Great story Lynne - I love this card, my fav is the pink one.

  6. Smashing card/s - loving the pink too


  7. Lovely story and a pretty card x

  8. Another lovely card Lynne, the story makes it all the more lovely, both colour look great.
    jenjoy x

  9. What a happy story...and a beautiful card!

  10. Love the 'fairy story' Lynne!
    This stamp does work very well as an outline and I like it on both colours!
    I'm so pleased you're addicted to our blog!

  11. Wonderful cards and wonderful story, thanks for sharing, it made me smile!!
    Diane x

  12. Ahh what a lovely story Lynne .. .. I hope your Granddaughter still believes in faries.

    I used to write little teeny tiny letters to my Sister and pretend they were from the faries.

    Your image is gorgeous. I think it was well worth the 50p!! I like it in the black best.

    I hope you have had a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  13. Beautiful card, I love foxgloves and I'm sure your granddaughter saw the fairy, you just thought it was a bee :)

  14. What a lovely story Lynne, but how can you be sure your granddaughter didn't see a fairy?! Love the stamp (what a bargain!) and both cards. I'm thinking of starting a Less is More addicts group, a bit like AA - what d'you think!! xx
    PS You can talk about anything you like; it's your blog and if we don't like it we won't read it, lol!!

  15. 50p? I can see how you can do liver AND sausages now!!! It's an absolute beauty and looks perfect in both colours although I prefer the black. What a wonderful story about your grandaughter! I know exactly what you mean - when you can see from their faces what they 'saw' in their imaginations.

  16. Hey sweetie, gorgeous creation, big hugs love Pops x x x

  17. Loved your story about the fairies. I liked your pink card best but think they both work well. x

  18. Ah what a lovely story, and lovely cards too - great bargain stamp :o) Lisa x

  19. I like both your cards but I think I like the pink one best of the two. What a lovely story about the fairies ( I still believe , I'm often away with them! )

  20. Very unique image and I like that you left it white in color. She is going to love it. And yes I bet she will remember that moment with the fairies. :0) Glad you are feeling a little better, had to giggle at your health blog line. Its good to talk when you need to though. We all have days ya know. Hugs.


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