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Monday, 7 March 2011

Less is More #5 x3

Hi! Yes it`s me, back again with another entry for this weeks Less is More Challenge.

It`s been a strange week here in the loft. I keep coming up with ideas for CAS cards but then I`m a bit unsure once I`ve made them. Got lots to tell you but I`ll show you my latest offering first and then if you don`t want to be bored silly you can pass on the waffle.

I felt like doing something a bit whimsical this time so I printed off a Pink Petticoat `Eat Cake` image.
I`ve coloured it with Promarkers and added some Glamour Dust to the flowers.
The spotty paper is also from PP, from their Spring Collection, punched along the bottom with a scallop punch then matted onto some pink card also scalloped.
The sentiment is Papertrey.

Right first, I mentioned the other day about a lovely surprise from a fellow LiM blogger.
Sandra posted this card for the `3 squares` challenge.

After I`d commented on her blog saying how much I loved her card and that I wanted it enlarging to hang on my wall,she very kindly e-mailed me asking if I`d like to have the card.
Well I thought about it...for about 2 seconds.. and told her I`d be honoured. In truth I was chuffed to bits.
Anyway the card arrived 2 days later and is now in a frame hanging in my craft room. Then on saturday this card was chosen by Chrissie and Mandi to be showcased. How good is that?
Do you want it back now that it`s famous and might be worth a fortune in the futue Sandra?
Tough! It looks really nice on my wall rofl.
Thanks hun I really am over the moon.

Now for the waffle.
Just over a week ago I hurt my back at work. I finally went to the doctors on Saturday and it turns out I`ve torn a muscle in my spine. No flipping wonder it hurt so much. I am now taking so many anti inflammatories and pain killers that I rattle and have a 2 week sick note.
Then last monday Alan`s Mum was taken into hospital with fluid on her lungs. At first they thought it was pleurisy but it`s now been diagnosed as heart failure. Bless her, she`s 85 and really took some persuading to go into the hospital but after treatment she`s much better and was allowed home on saturday. She`s staying with Alan`s sister for now so we know she`s safe and being looked after.
I`d arranged with my daughter to help me move back into the loft a couple of weeks ago. I knew soon after taking over the only spare bedroom that it was a bad idea but it had taken me too long to do it last time. Anyway Angie said she`d help and we decided on last thursday. Then I hurt my back so couldn`t help much.
Poor lass finished doing most of it for me while I supervised. (as you do).
So, I am back crafting in the loft. Just have the spare bedroom to sort out now and we`ll be done lol.

I think thats all I`ve got to rabbit on about but I`m sure I`ll think of something else next time.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Very nice! Love the design of the card!

  2. How lovely to get Sandra's card - it was a stunner! Hope your back starts to feel better soon. C x

  3. Lovely card hope your back gets better soon

  4. Having had back problems in the past, you have all my sympathy Lynne.
    How kind of Sandra to send you the card... it was a stunner wasn't it and very worthy of ShowCASing!!It seems like it's going to be showcased for a while longer in your hands!
    Your card is lovely, although I think that if you edited it in Picasa you might be able to get it looking a little brighter. Download the program and have a go, I think you would be surprised how much it can improve photos taken on dull days.
    It's great to have you as part of our LIM community Lynne. See you soon!

  5. Hi again Lynne
    touched you entered again and am thinking CAS...all the time! lol
    Your card is lovely, love the colours and image!

    How wonderful of Sandra to send you her card, it is certainly a stunner!
    Aren't people kind
    Glad to hear the lady is doing better
    Thanks Lynne as alwasy
    "Less is More"

  6. Hi Lynne, I think this card is gorgeous and I absolutley love it!! I don't know how you think of all the ideas; I've struggled to think of one for this challenge!! Sorry to hear about your back and Alan's mum; hope you're both better soon. Your moving in and out of the loft is so like me - in and out of the spare bedroom every time a son comes home!! xx

  7. The pastel dots are fab on this card! Glad to hear you're all sorted back in the loft - thank goodness you didn't change the name of your blog! All the best to Alan's mum and to you Lynne - you sound as if you're really in the wars. Take care, Vx

  8. Aww Lynne . . . so sorry to hear your back is bad . . . sounds VERY painful and I hope it clears up soon. Take it easy!

    Am blushing about my card now!!!! (but thanks for the mention). Was chuffed to be showcased too.

    Hope Alan's mum improves too.

    Hugs, Sandra

  9. Oops . . . forgot to say how much I like your PP cake card!

  10. Love this card Lynne - very CAS and trendy.
    Sorry to hear about your MIL and your back, poor you - so much going on and yet you produce lovely calm cards!
    Love the card Sandra sent you, don't know how I missed that in the entries as it looks like a Mondrian painting and I love those. I don't have time to get to all the entries though. Very well done on being showcased on the blog, glad your wonderful talent is being recognised afar at last.
    Lynn x

  11. I'm reading your post suffering with a very sore back that I've lived with this past three weeks! It's horrid so I know just how you feel!
    I've recently discovered Pink Petticoat and have jumped through hoops to get a DVD of their paper and images to play with.....(they can't sell to Australia only via download which chews up our plan) My SIL over in the UK has just popped it in the mail so any day now!!!!
    This is a pretty card (shame about the light) though I have to say I love the lilac card you entered.

  12. What a cute card. I really love that double layered paper in the centre of the card, the scalloped border finishes it perfectly.
    Your photo looks like you need to adjust the White Balance on your camera (if you can)or as Chrissie says try some free editing software. x

  13. This is a really great quirky card but not quite sure for what occassion it is for. I find it hard enough to decide what to do for the card without the horrendous worried of the photo's

    Kath x

  14. This is sweet. Great CAS style card.
    I am sorry to hear about your back, hope it is feeling better now. And your MIL, I hope she is okay too. Glad she gave in and got herself checked.

  15. Just adorable card - I love the glitter, I think it really lifts the pastel colours.
    Sandra's card is definitely a wow! I bet it looks awesome in a frame. I hope she signed it...lol**
    Sorry to hear about your back problems, I really hope the meds are making it a lot easier for you.
    Caroline xxx

  16. How lucky to be sent that card, I bet it looks wonderful on your wall. Really liked your card too. x

  17. Awww, how kind of Sandra to send you the card. Your card is absolutely stunning too. Hope your back pain eases soon. Take care. x


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