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Tuesday 12 April 2011

Less is More # 10 2nd go & some questions answered.

Hello everyone.

I`ve made two more cards for this weeks challenge at Less is More. I`ll show the cards first because it might turn out to be a long post.

I had intended to do a boy version of my first card but it didn`t work out, more about that later.
This has to be one of the quickest cards ever. It took me longer to find the stamps than it did to actually make it.
I first stamped the bird from Inkadinkadoo in Baby Blue Versacolour. Then stamped the verse from Flourishes Gerbera Daisy set in Black Memento.
I wanted the bird very pale so it didn`t take the eye away from the sentiment. For once I`m really pleased with this one.

My second card is on similar lines to the first.
The flower stamp is by Elusive Images (now Chocolate Baroque) stamped with Versa Colour Orchid.
The sentiment is from Flourishes Sweetpea stamp set.

Another really quick and easy card.

When the Less is More challenge first started and Mandi and Chrissie said they wanted OLC I was terrified. Well maybe not quite terrified but the thought did scare me.
I have always said that my one layer clean & simple cards looked naked but now I`ve had some practise and seen some of the creations of other Limettes ( love that name,sounds like a 60`s girl band) I`m really getting into it and am doing more and more for my own enjoyment not just for the challenges. Thank you girls for giving me the confidence and inspiration.

Now, onto other things. I said yesterday that my printer was playing up. Now, I think it`s in it`s death throes.
I spent most of yesterday evening cleaning the nozzles, printing out loads of sheets to get the colour through, thought I`d got it sussed but then when I tried to print out a card with the word BOY in blue, it came out pink.
It is, in all honesty, a cheap Lexmark all in one and I have used it for a few years so I think it`s paid for itself. I could have done with it lasting just a little bit longer though. I do a little cleaning job on a wednesday morning and the money I get from that was to buy some new stamps and other crafting goodies, so I`m a bit upset at having to fork out for a new printer. Never mind, these things are sent to try us...

On to some questions that some of my lovely blogging friends have asked.

Katina wanted to know how I propped up the card when using coloured backgrounds. Well, I can tell you this is a very technical thing to do ( not )

 I just prop one piece of card against the tubs that hold my tools and scissors and the other lays flat. It was the only thing I could think of at the time and it works a treat, and costs nothing lol.

Mustavcoffee asked if I had a little Pixie to hold my cards for me.
Well, yes doesn`t everyone?
Mine is a rescue pixie. I liberated him from an old shoemaker in town where he was expected to make all the shoes for the old man to sell. Poor little mite had to work 12 hour night shifts and work by candlelight for no money. One day I went in and sneaked him into my handbag and brought him home. He now has a life of riley and readily holds my cards for me while I photograph them in return for free board and lodgings and as many cups of tea as he can manage.

 Although he does like to play with my punches, ( he thinks its great fun to jump as hard as he can a bit like a trampoline) I just put it there so you can see his tiny cup and tea pot. I do have a problem finding tiny teabags though...

So now you all know I`m just as barmy as the rest of you lol.

After a really manic weekend I will try and get around to commenting on the rest of the entries. Last time I looked there were well over 100 so it make take some time.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Lovely cards, I can't decide which I prefer. xx Jan

  2. Lovely cards Lynne my favourite is the one with the little bird on it....


  3. I could do with a pixie.... :-)

    I love the little blue bird - such a beautiful and elegant card and the sentiment really pops.

  4. You nutter! LOL!

    Two FAB cards there . . . I particularly like the first birdy one!

    Hugs, Sandra

  5. Lovely cards..... I don't think you made them at all... think the pixie did them... LOL

  6. Both fab cards, I did enjoy reading your post it made me chuckle xx

  7. Wonderful post Lynne, I really enjoyed reading it. Does your pixie have a cousin living in Hampshire?
    I really love these two card, I think that the blue one is my fave... placement and colour tones are just fab!
    I just love this phenomenon we've created...so many wonderful people all with the same goal!
    "Less is More"

  8. Lynne, I loved reading your post! I also love the sentiments you've chosen from the Flourishes stamps! Both cards are beautiful! I love the bird on the first card, but that floral spray on the second is gorgeous and so perfect for this challenge!! Excellent work, Lynne!!

  9. Lynne i want to know does your Pixie have any cousins that live near me as i could do with someone to hold my ribbon when trying to make bows? I pay good rates, free accommodation, food and tea available as required... Hoping i'm not way down your request list... lol

    Two gorgeous cards but my fave has to be the very subtle bird and sentiment. So very elegant:-)

  10. What a fabulous post Lynne; I enjoyed reading it so much! Thanks for answering my question - luckily I have a pot of pencils, lol! (I'd much rather have a pixie though!) I love both of these cards; they are both absolutely beautiful! Since I started following your blog I can see how much your confidence has grown. I'm so pleased because you've always made gorgeous cards but I think you're now staring to believe it - YAY!!! xxx

  11. They are both beautiful and I love the way you co-ordinated your background to go with the colour of the stamp, simple but very effective x

  12. Love your cards and the bold contrasts...thought I saw pixie fee too. Well done...keep up with the attitude - going strong!
    Sarah at 127


  13. 2 lovely cards, and I really enjoyed reading the rest of your post, I think now we will all be out looking for a pixie.

  14. Gorgeous chick so elegant hugs pops x

  15. Brilliant cards - particularly like the blue one. Read your post while on lunch at work - made me smile all afternoon

  16. Fabulous. I just love the bird on the first one. Lx

  17. Just love these two cards- so stylish.
    I liked your post, any more pixies need liberating?
    Lynn x

  18. I love your cards, the first bird one is fabulous
    thanks for your kind words, we can;t quite believe it either!
    Thanks Lynne
    Less is More

  19. LOL!! I love the first card with the blue bird - the sentiment is fabulous. I like the pink one too, but the blue is my favourite.

    And can I have a pixie? I know what you mean about CAS and LIM - very complusive :)

  20. Two beautiful cards Lynne - my fave. is the pink one as I'm a "pink" girl, and I also love that SU sentiment!
    I did wonder if there was a little person sitting underneath your cards, but now I know it's actually a Pixie! Hugs, Sylvia xx

  21. Love the first card.The sentiment is just fabulous!

  22. Hi there Lynne, Love your cards, gorgeous understated bird in the first with a great sentiment and the second card is beautiful too:0)
    I'm so glad you took my question in the manner in which I intended. I read your post with a big smile, it 'twas his legs I saw, you see and just couldn't imagine how you'd keep it secret for much longer. Now the truth is out I hope he gets his 5mins of fame or a big cuppa instead, loads of fun, Thanks:0) xxx

  23. What fabulous cards Lynne - simple but so incredibly effective. So sorry to hear about the printer. It's so annoying when they give up the ghost.
    Also - you are, of course, quite mad and I recommend you seek help at your earliest convenience... !!!

  24. Beautiful cards Lynne..love the first one so elegant..thanks for visiting my blog..and i must say what a funny post..made me laff..
    have a great day!
    Michelle xx

  25. what a lovely cards!! i really like the first one! everything is perfeclty balanced...

  26. Can I have one of your pixies? Loved reading your post. Two super cards but like the first one best by a whisker! x

  27. Wonderful cards, especially love the bird one and the little pixie story is so sweet it make me smile!

  28. Your cards are absolutely beautiful! Love them both...can't choose just one!

  29. Love your cards, especially the one with the quote from Shelley!

  30. Oh WOW these are fabulous

  31. First Lynne so nice to know you are as mad as I am lol. Two lovely cards again, you are really getting good at this as I keep saying.Sorry about the printer isn't it a pain when they go wrong.Now where is that pixie and does he want to come and live with me for a while??:O) Viv xx

  32. Fun post Lynne, made me smile :o) Both lovely cards, the pink one is my fave. Lisa x

  33. Both are beautiful...love the softness of the backgrounds to make the sentiment "pop".....sorry about the printer...I had to get a new one myself.....that little Pixie does a great job of helping you!

  34. Absolutely stunning cards, Lynne! I love them all. I really enjoyed you post too. If the pixie ever fancies a holiday in Nottingham He can come and stay with me!

  35. 3 great cards, think I like the flourish one the most but absoloutely nothing wrong with the others.

    Kath x

  36. Two gorgeous cards, well done.


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