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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Less is More # 11...Acetate.

Good afternoon all!

I logged onto the computer well before 8 o`clock this morning in anticipation for this weeks challenge at Less is More only to find that it`s ...Acetate...Arrgh!!!

I have used acetate before and did have some heat resistant acetate at one time but can I find it? Can I heck.
I only have the sort of acetate that you use for glass painting and the only ink I have that stamps onto acetate is black Stazon. OK, so found a beautiful Damask stamp by Heidi Swapp, stamped onto my acetate, left it to dry and messed it up when I tried to put the card together. I finished up with holes in the image that couldn`t be hidden by gems so it went in the bin.
Next I thought of a plain card with acetate butterflies, Doh, my acetate is not heat resistant and I haven`t seen many black butterflies.

I went with this design that I`m not pleased with at all and to be honest I want to cry, lol.
Never,ever, in all the time I`ve been crafting, have I ever felt so frustrated. To top it off I cannot for the life of me, get a decent photo either.

I made an A6 top fold card.
Cut a piece of acetate to size and ran it through the Cuttlebug with Birds and Vine folder.
Then I made a border punch with a Fiskars punch and added some ribbon.
I found these little butterflies in my stash that just happen to be made from acetate and stuck them to the front of the card.

As I said I`m really disappointed with it, nearly didn`t post it and,at the moment am devoid of other ideas.
I have learned alot from this though.
A/ I need more inks
B/ I need better acetate.
C/ I hate acetate
D/ I dont think I`ll bother buying anymore `cos I don`t think I`ll use it.
Y`see it`s turned me into a bumbling wreck lol. I`m off to do my ironing...

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Oh Lynne, bless ya heart there's nothing wrong with your card, it's very pretty.
    Acetate really embosses well, I do love the effect in fact I was going to use it on my example this week, but changed my mind
    Wasn't an easy week, but, you've puled it off I say! Thank you
    Have a good week
    Less is more

  2. Aw bless ya - you had me howling lol! I wasn't too thrilled to see acetate this morning either!!! I actually think yours came out really well in the end so it was worth all the heartache and frustration :-)

  3. A great Challenge card Lynne, I think you are so brave even attempting it...lol I hate Acetate with a passion, like some people hate Peel-offs ..lol so full marks for joing in ... It really is super xxx Mau

  4. LOL Well done Lynne, at least you've risen to the challenge and had a go - which is more than can be said for me! Monkey x

  5. But your card is lush so you might want to rethink the "I hate acetate" thing!


  6. You're being too hard on yourself - you've produced a lovely card

  7. What a lovely delicate looking card

  8. You sound very frustrated, but you've made a beautiful card, it's so elegant, the colours and embossing are lovely.

  9. Definately pulled this one off Lynne and I agree me no likey acetate. Loving this card. Very pretty.

    Enjoy the rest of the day

    Ali x

  10. WOW that was quick - the same day and you have produced such a wonderful card!!!

    Charlotta greets you from Sweden

  11. your card is lovely - stop beating yourself up - and I made black butterflies as thats the only colour stayzon I have! Although I did try to colour mine and made a right royal mess of it LOL

  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this Lynne; it's really pretty! I love the colours. xx

  13. Your card is lovely, don't know why you are not liking it.

  14. Lynne this card is lovely, you sounded like you had the same morning as me trying to do the first card lol.
    I tried embossing for my second but it was terrible.
    jenjoy x

  15. Lynne, I had some of the same troubles! The only ink I had that sticks to acetate was the Stazon, and it was so sticky, I almost couldn't pull it off the acetate! Then, it gunked up my acrylic stamp and I spent 30 minutes trying to clean my stamp!! The things we do to be creative!! Your card is fabulous...don't be so hard on yourself!!

  16. A lovely card Lynn, these things are sent to test us and I think you won in the end.
    Jenny x

  17. Well done Lynne, you stuck with it despite your frustration, and produced a lovely card. You have made a card with loads of acetate when you could have got away with just a scrap, so well done you... don't be too hard on yourself!
    "Less is More"

  18. This is fab! Love the embossing and the way you've finished it off with the border and the matching ribbon & butterflies - Gorgeous!

    Carol x

  19. your card is lovely... don't be so hard on yourself!

  20. This card, and the Take 2 one above are both great. I am still hiding under the covers/sulking about the acetate challenge, but am determined not to be beaten! Just off to eat more chocolate first . . . then MAYBE I'll go hunt out my acetate . . . .

    Hugs, Sandra

  21. This is a lovely card - you did a great job! Kudos to you for sticking with something you weren't enjoying, you didn't give up and your persistence really paid off! I'm now wanting to emboss acetate, it's a great look.

  22. your card is perfect as is take two it's a tricky little sucker isn't


  23. Lynne, your card looks Fabulous. Hugs Rita xxx

  24. It turned out a really lovely card Lynne. Well done for persevering with it. Love the embossing of the acetate. Sue.x

  25. ha ha ha your post made me laugh Lynne, I feel much the same - am SO fed up and frustrated with acetate it's untrue! You have turned out a really pretty card! xx

  26. Fabulous card Lynne,, the embossing looks fab and the butterflies are perfect :-)
    I enjoyed reading your post, we all learn as we go along and the things that end up in the bin aren't a waste of time,, thats what I keep telling myself anyway lol :-)

    Lols x x x

  27. The embossing looks fabulous and lovely butterflies. xx

  28. Lovely card and I did intend to emboss acetate as well. In the end I went for a stained glass look which I'm not overly happy with.

    You've done a good card and maybe you and I need to make friends with acetate again after this.

    Malyn at ThinkInkCreative

  29. Lol Lynne! We all have an 'Achiles Heel' in crafting and techiniques, (mine's spritzing as I disovered last week!) but I think you've done a lovely job and at least you kept at it til you got something!
    Lizy x

  30. Beautiful card..Chrissieann xx

  31. Sounds like you were tearing your hair out with frustration just like me this week. None of us found it easy I think, but you did make a great card all the same Lynne :O) Viv xx

  32. You are funny Lynne! Hope the ironing calmed you down! Your card is pretty - I'm loving the effect of the embossing!

  33. Ha! Ha! You did make me laugh. Acetate isn't the easiest thing to work with and I found it impossible to photograph too.
    There's nothing wrong with this card though. I think the embossing is pretty and I love the burst of orange on those butterflies.
    Caroline xxx

  34. beautiful card and i love the embossing. xx

  35. I'm with you Lynne, don't think I'll use acetate again! x

  36. You made me laugh with your post and like you not sure of the stuff really. However you didn't let it beat you and I like the embossed effect on the acetate. x

  37. I really like your card, especially the embossing. I think it turned out quite nicely.
    Ruth C


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