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Friday, 15 April 2011

Less is More # 10 Last minute entry.

Good Morning All!
And a happy friday to everyone.

First of all can I just say massive appologies to all those Limettes that I haven`t had the chance to comment on yet. I`m doing my best to get to you all but it`s been one of those weeks where everything you do is so time consuming. Sorry!

I wasn`t going to bother posting this one but changed my mind.
This is the card that I planned to do after my `girl` one earlier this week, before the printer went on permanent strike.
I now have a brand spanking new printer so I thought I`d do the card anyway as a practice.

Same as the girl one, all the text is done on the comp but this time the blue printed beautifully.I`ve just added some Glamour dust to main text.
Gingham ribbon along the top because I think it`s more boyish than plain ribbon and some buttons in the right bottom corner because I misjudged when centralising lol.
I think maybe the buttons are a step too far for CAS but they are on now and stuck tight.

Thank you all for the comments so far, they really mean such a lot and I really appreciate every one.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Beautiful baby card, love the gingham ribbon.

  2. Lovely card Lynne, you're probably right about the buttons, however I think that my solution would have been to chop a bit of the card off to centralise the sentiment and then make an envelope to fit it! There are always ways and means to do things and no one solution is right!
    You card is so simple, but just lovely... I love gingham ribbon too!
    See you at 8am tomorrow?

  3. Stunning Lynne, such an elegant card xx Jan

  4. I love the design of this card and I'm wondering what it would look like with the text towards the right of the card and the knot of the ribbon towards the left. Congratulations on the shiny new printer!

  5. I quite like the buttons.... The new printer looks like it does a very good job :-)

  6. hi lyn
    Gorgeous card ...love it

  7. Lovely card Lynne.. I maybe would have only used two buttons instead of the 3! I have gone overboard on my latest card - not CAS at all so it was nice to drop by and see another lovely LIM! And happy days with your printer!

  8. This is super Lynne, wish I could get the hang of printing straight onto card. xx

  9. Hi Lynne
    This is a super card too, maybe slide the ribbon along so the knot is more to the opposite side to the buttons, it may balance it a bit?
    Love the text and the 'Boy'
    We are so critical of our work, aren;t we the recipient will just be delighted!
    See you 'tomorrow' mandi
    Less is More

  10. Great card. I think the gingham ribbon is perfect for a boy card, but I think Mandi is right - the knot might be best above the buttons. However, still a super card.

  11. Love the boy and girl card just fab...

    Babs x

  12. Beautiful baby boy card, so sweet x

  13. Another beauty here Lynn! I always chop bits off my card if I get the printing wrong, lol! Many a square card started life as a C6 or whatever it it's called! Meet you at LIM tomorrow morning! xx

  14. I like your card and don't see anything wrong with the buttons. x

  15. Really like this- nice, CAS baby card :)


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