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Monday, 11 April 2011

Less is More # 10 Sentiment.

Phew, I blinked and the weekend had gone!!!!

A really quick post today. I`m sorry but hopefully I can post all the things I wanted to say tomorrow.

The challenge for this week at Less is More . is to make the sentiment the focus of the card.

HA! I don`t have many sentiments in my collection but I knew what I wanted to do. Unfortunately my printer decided to play up so the card is not as good as I`d hoped for. Again, hopefully I can come up with a better one tomorrow. In the meantime I`m posting this one before I completely run out of time and hair as I`m pulling it out at the moment Lol.

I did the whole thing on the computer but used a very pale pink for the GIRL. Stupid thing came out very very pale biege which made it almost impossible to see to to add glue to..
I added pink glitter to the glue and all in all it`s not too bad but I know it could be better. I`ve added a pink ribbon tied in a knot as I thought a bow would be too much and that`s it.
Please be critical but try not to be too unkind Lol....

Back tomorrow with a better post.
Thanks for popping in... Lynne xxx


  1. I love it I think we are all very critical of our own work xx

  2. Critical? Nothing to be critical of. This card is fabulous. Simple and exactly what the challenge called for. Love the glitter.

  3. Hi Lynne . . . I clicked on the picture to enlarge it and thought it looked FABULOUS.

    If I had one little thing to say about it . . . it would be that as all the text is centred, the knotted ribbon might look more aesthetically pleasing if the knot was also centred? But it looks fine just as it is.

    Hugs, Sandra

  4. Oh fabulous card sweetie, love the ribbon and the fab "Girl", big hugs Pops x

  5. Nothing critical to say - it's stunning - no-one would know there was beige under the glitter! x

  6. A stunning card, love it xx Jan

  7. Now stand by for the critical...... I like this!!!
    Sandra said to centre the knot...(and BTW the knot I think is better than a bow!) ... but I would have put the knot even more over to the left!
    (And then I'd have been really naughty and placed a little pearl in the bottom right - but then I think maybe I was a Pearly Queen in a former life... LOL)
    Lovely card!!!!

  8. Here`s me leaving comments for myself, how sad is that?
    I was going to put some pearls on but I`d left my glue downstairs and anyway it wouldn`t have dried in time to take the piccy.
    Thanks everyone for the comments up to now :)
    Lynne xxx

  9. Now if you hadn't owned up about the beige "mistake" we'd never have known! It's a fab card


  10. Hi Lynne
    i think your card is beautiful!
    I used to have lots of trouble printing a good baby pink. I find these 2 combinations print well.
    Baby pink R/G/B 250/216/222 or
    Pink R/G/B 237/179/221
    Then print them and use a quickie glue pen and a 'white sparkle' glitter like glamour Dust, you get a far better effect, I find, than using coloured glitter.
    Thank you
    Less is More

  11. Lynne, I think the card turned out fabulous! I love the knot (definitely better than a bow)...and the word "girl" in the glittery pink couldn't be better!! You did an awesome job with this! You kept it CAS all the way!

  12. I think it's perfect Lynne and that you are getting far too critical of yourself!I think you are getting SO good at these cards now, well done again:O) Viv xx

  13. Love it - the pink sparkle looks fabulous :o) Lisa x

  14. This card is beautiful.
    jenjoy x

  15. I love reading about rescue jobs, it's amazing what evolves.
    Mandi is the glitter queen, she uses it with brilliant effect... her ideas are fab!
    Your card is just super!
    "Less is More!
    PS I'll look forward to the next installment!

  16. Very beautiful card Lynne; a fine example of LIM. xx

  17. Great job with your card this week, so very beautiful and very elegant :-)

  18. Wow, this is so beautiful and elegant. A lovely card for a baby girl. Well done!

  19. A beautiful design! And a great use of glitter too.

  20. Stunning card Lynne, the colours are great, especially the yellow. The image is one from Charmed Cards and Crafts. Its a digi called Holly from the Holly and Madison range (you need to scroll down the H&M page to find it) Great set of images for teenagers. Love Sheila x

  21. Beautiful card. Looks great with the glitter. x

  22. I think your card is great and the addition of glitter is inspired. I would never had guessed you had any problems with it if you hadn't have said :)
    Jenny x

  23. This is so gorgeous, I love the font and pink glitter what more could a girl want?
    Say 'hi' to Pixie for me? :0) xxx

  24. Your card is gorgeous and I love the pink ribbon and knot.


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