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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Less is More # 11 take 3

Good afternoon all!!!

This is definitely going to be my final submission for this weeks Less is More challenge. Although I have made friends with acetate now it is a rocky sort of friendship. The sort were it wouldn`t matter if we never crossed paths again Lol.
It is, I have to admit, a bit of a poor effort. There were so many wonderful ideas in my head but without the correct inks or even the right acetate and a very strong loathing of spending a day and money shopping for some, I have taken the easy option ( again).
Here is my card,
I am pleased with the card, just not the use of acetate but ...hey ho.

White A6 top fold card.
Leaf stamp by PTI Turning a new leaf set stamped in Versacolour Fresh Green.
Sentiment by Flourishes Tag Lines, stamped in Memento Black.
A strip of pale green card.
A strip of acetate, run through the Swiss Dots folder and attatched to the green card with brads, then raised on the card using foam pads.

I had intended to make a really bright colourful card today but they say green is a calming colour and boy did I need calming today.
My Dad has gone away for the week so I said that I would shampoo his carpets while he was gone. We dropped the shampooer off on Sunday night and off I trotted this morning to do my good deed. Got it all set up and couldn`t attatch the pipes. No matter what I did I couldn`t get the trigger part to line up with the main pipe which meant that it wouldn`t spray. Arggh!!!
I remember when we first got it that I had the same trouble but Alan could it without a problem. Seeing as it`s me who uses the blooming thing, when I put it away I left the trigger and pipe still attatched. The last time I used it Alan, trying to be helpful, dismantled it and put it away. Why do men have to interfere???
After storming home in a right grump, banging a few doors and muttering expletives to myself, I came upstairs to calm myself down in the craft room. It seems to have worked for now. Alan doesn`t know it yet but he`s going have to take me back tonight and put the thing together for me. Then I`LL put it away when I`ve finished Lol.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. my husband "helps" me like that too ;-)

    I really like this - think its a great use of acetate - until this week and viewing the different submissions, I didn't even realise you could emboss acetate - still haven't tried it myself though yet.....

  2. Oh I love this one Lynne, well done for doing a 3rd lol.Oh my you have had a stressful day, hope the rest goes calmly now:O) Viv xx

  3. Well done Lynne another fab card. Love the fresh green xx Jan

  4. Well Lynne, I like the card and sympathise about the shampooer! I've just spent 15 mins queuing in the Post Office to renew my boss's car tax . . . only discover I'd taken last year's insurance certificate with me. I was very polite to the counter clerk, but inside I was SEETHING - esp as it was my own fault for not looking at it properly!

    Hugs, Sandra

  5. I love this.... It turned out wonderfully. I love how the acetate softened the green, and how the embossing looks on acetate in general!

  6. Oh Lynne I have one of those here...not a shapooer a 'helpful' hubby!
    Your card is FAB, I wonder if it may have been a tidge better if the 2 were joined, the leafe lower, coming from the panel, so they worked together
    No offence, just thinking out loud
    Love the shade of green
    Less is More

  7. Like this a lot Lynne.... good luck with the carpets!

  8. Hi lyn
    looks great ...fab card...

  9. You may have wanted bright to start but this turned out so soothing and soft. Great card.

  10. Great result well done for making 3 Yay!
    Oh deary me, I know all about helpful males, poor you:0) xxx

  11. Hi sweetie this is gorgeous, perfect colours so soft, hugs ♥ pops x

  12. Hi Lynne, I love this just the way it is. It's such an elegant card and the colour is so soothing. I have a 'helpful' hubby too... grrrr! xx

  13. Great card love your choice of colour very classy card.


  14. A very calming colour and image Lynne! Bless them - they do try to be helpful!

  15. You know, often when Mandi and I look at cards we both want to say exactly the same thing... I wouldn't this time, I think your card is perfect as it is!
    It's great how the two greens match so well, sometimes difficult even with inks and card from the same company.
    It matches your blog background so well too.
    I really love it.
    Sympathies with the trying day!

  16. Wow no3, beautiful card Lynne.
    jenjoy x

  17. Lovely calming card, so crisp and stylish. x

  18. Lynne...this is just perfect! I love the effect of the dotted swiss on the acetate!

  19. Just lovely - the colour is so soft and delicate, and I love the texture too!

  20. Enjoyed reading all three accounts of your acetate journey, made me smile as i understood your frustrations and triumphs... Three stunning cards Lynne and i can't decide on a favorite:-)

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  22. Sorry, messed up the above comment, so trying again. Lol! Three super cards, second one is my fave, great design. x

  23. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, I love the colours you have used and how you have attached the green band. x

  24. Oh how beautiful. This is such a lovely card and an elegant use of acetate. This is one of my top three this week, really gorgeous card.


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