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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Wedding Pics

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick post to show some pics from yesterdays wedding.
We had an absolutely fabulous day, everything went perfectly. The church service was wonderful, the Vicar was lovely and had a wicked sense of humour which put everyone at ease. We had three readings which all went wonderfully well, one from the Brides brother Danny, one from my Dad and one from the brides Aunt. The reception was amazing, the speeches were brilliant even though all three, the Brides Dad, the Groom and the Best Man were all shaking like leaves and so nervous and the food was delicious.On top of all that, the sun shone.
A truely perfect day.
Here are a few piccy`s mostly taken by me which explains why they`re not very good. When we get the one`s from the photographer ( who was amazing) I`ll post some better one`s.

 Son Alan, Husband Alan and Grandson Nathan just before we set off for church.

 Alan and Rachel after the Church service.

 Grandaughter Ruby picking up the rose petals she`d just scattered. We think she may have OCD Lol.

  The first dance. Alan didn`t wear his leg brace all day. I bet he`s paying for it today.                                              
 The men in my life. My Dad, my Husband,my Son and my Grandson. Haven`t they scrubbed up well?
       Alan with his Nanna ( Big Alan`s Mum)with eldest daughter Cheryl in the background.
  My Daughter Angie, me and daughter Cheryl. This is about as feminine as Angie gets lol.
(How did I get to be that old?)
  My beautiful Grandaughter Charlotte, who was a bridesmaid.
  And finally, the cake. Just a small cake but hundreds of chocolate dipped strawberry cupcakes, yummy, and a glimpse at the setting we had for the reception.

So, all the stress and worry was well worth it, just really tired today after a very late night.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. It all looks fabulous Lynne - so glad the sun shone for you, it was blinking awful here so I was worried you'd be dodging rain clouds. Hope you're having a stress free relaxing day today.
    Tara x

  2. Oh, what a lovely family you have and what gorgeous photos Lynne! Looks like it was an amazing day. So glad the weather was good. It was lovely here too and I was thinking about you all day. Hope you're having a relaxing day today but it'll take a few days to come back down to earth! xxxx

    PS You did look elegant!!

  3. Fab pics Lynne, so glad you had a wonderful day.
    Val x

  4. Lovely pictures Lynne. So pleased you and yours had a great day.

    Hugs, Sandra

  5. Lovely photo's Lynne glad you all had a lovely day.


  6. Glad you had good weather, lovely photos, everything and everyone looks beautiful. Love the reception decoration.
    Lynn x

  7. Looks a fabulous day Lynn, so glad you can look back in happiness about it.
    Love the red ties for the men :)
    Jenny x

  8. Thanks for sharing your photos Lynne. You all look as if you're having a great time and I'm so pleased the weather held for you. Vx

  9. Lynne - thanks for sharing your photos - everyone looks fantastic!! The wedding cake(s) is truly magnificent. The bride and groom look stunning and I'm so glad that the sun shone for you all. The colour scheme is just fab!

  10. Ah Lynne what a fab time you all had by the look of the pics. So pleased it all went off ok in the end and you had sun too, what more could you ask for.I am still getting over ours,( isn't it tiring) not seen proper photo's yet either.Those cakes look superb too...could just eat one NOW!!!:O) Viv xx

  11. Beautiful wedding photos and yummy cupcakes. :0)

  12. Oh Wow Lynne .. .. what amazing pictures.

    Thank you for sharing them.

    A very proud and special day for you.

    I hope you have recovered now!!

    Sorry it has taken me some time to get here this week .. .. I have had to limit my blog hopping time as there is so much to do here in the House of Hearts.

    I am so pleased it was a lovely day weather wise too.

    Love the colour scheme.

    Love Jules xx


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