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Thursday 26 May 2011

Justin in pink...

...Hee hee, thought that title might make you look. Lol.

Happy Thursday to you all and a big welcome to all my new followers.

I was asked by a girl I used to work with, to make a card for her daughters 16th birthday. The only conditions were that it had to have a piccy of Justin Bieber on and lots of pink.
Well the pink was no problem whatsoever, I am still a girly girl afterall...but Justin...
Then I thought back to when I was a teen ( I know, I know, that was in the dark ages) and the crushes I had on pop stars and celebs. At 14 I had posters all over my bedroom wall of Peter Frampton. he was the lead singer with a group called The Herd and I was so madly in love with him, I kissed his picture every night before I went to bed. At 16 he was voted the `face of  `68` and by heck he was gorgeous.
As I got a bit older David Essex took over in my affections and if I`m honest, even in my 40`s I had a bit of a crush on Mel Gibson (more than a bit maybe) lol.
So I can understand why Bekky is into Justin and thought it might be interesting to hear who you lot held close to your hearts in your youth. Could be interesting...

Right, waffle over, my card for today,featuring a very young Justin, is also my Snippet make for Jules Crafty Snippet Challenge # 20.

I managed to find a quite large piece of white card for the base, made it a 5x5 square and used my Martha Stewart Doily Punch along the bottom.
I found 3 scraps of Papermania Blueberry Hill papers, one large with roses and 2 smaller tone on tone ones.
I used the Doily Punch on two of the strips and also two strips of white copy paper to make the frill. I also punched the top, rose layer to give it a good finish.
I did have to cheat a bit and use a full sheet of photo paper for the main piccy because it wouldn`t go through the printer otherwise and also the card for the sentiment but they`ll go back in the bit box for future use.
The no 16 is stamped in Versafine using numbers from Waltzing Mouse Victorian Alaphabet set.
I had some scraps of pink vellum on my desk from an earlier card so made some Rolled Roses ( not very easy with vellum) and a butterfly using a Docrafts stamp and Pink Versacolour ink and clear EP.
The pic and sentiments are cut out with  nestie circle dies and matted onto the last of the scraps of pink paper cut out with a nestie scallop die.

Edited to add, the first love of my life lol. This is Peter Frampton. Just look at that face (sigh) and the hair...This middle aged grandmother has just been transported back in time about 40 odd years. Unfortunately he doesn`t look this good anymore `cos he`s aged too but a girl can still dream......

Well that`s made another small dent in the pile of scraps and I`ve got my thinking cap on for next weeks challenge.

Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. LOL Lynne, I'm just checking my google reader and your post popped up! reading your teenage crushes caused a huge smile....dork here had the biggest crush on David Cassidy didn't miss an episode of the Partridge Family....then when I got a bit older and more mature (14) I turned my attentions to the Aussie pop group Sherbert...Garth Porter made me swoon....LOL

    Oh by the way your card is sensational and you managed to fit Justin in brilliantly. Cheers, Kasey ~ in Oz

  2. Morning Lynne - your post really made me smile! I love the card - you've showcased Justin just perfectly so I'm sure she'll love it!

    My teenage crush was Jon Bon Jovi and I also fell madly in love with David Essex (who was far too old for me as a teenager in the 80s) but when I saw him on "The River" I was hooked by his gypsy look and those amazing eyes!!! I had a thing for older men though as post-Bond Connery did it for me too (particularly once he'd gone grey and DEFINATELY with long hair like in The Rock) These days my adult crush is Anton du Beke....... What can I say - I have VERY eclectic tastes!
    Tara x

  3. I used to love Mel Gibson as well still think he's quite easy on the eye now if you get me just had to google Peter framptom as I had never heard of him or the group but then I wouldn't have as I was born in 68 me it was Adam Ant george Michael Holly Johnson (FGTH) and now it's Adam and Darren hayse yeah I know one's gay the other coockcoo says a lot about me lolanyway onto your card I am positive any girl would adore this card it's so pretty and very pink and I am sure that as it has a pic of her dream idol on it she will keep it forever ahhh to be young again lol
    Jacki xx

  4. I have no doubt this card will go down very well indeed with any Justin fan Lynne! I was a teenager at the height of Donny Osmond and David Cassidy mania but I wasn't a bit interested. Oh no, I had posters of Mud on my wall - remember them? Three dodgy blokes from Carhampton - very worrying! Vx

  5. * Sighs * I was so "in love" with David Cassidy, oh and The Bay City Rollers. Ahh the songs of my 8-10 year old self and all those wistful dreams! What have you done Lynne . . . I'm all of a dither!

    Terrific card BTW . . . she'll love it.

    Hugs, Daydreaming Sandra

  6. A fabulous card Lynn, and and a stunning blog.
    Your cards are just amazing.

    I too remember Peter Frampton and The Herd.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.


  7. Love the card Lynn and it's PINK too( do love pink). Awww memories...you made me smile today, I liked David Essex too he he:O) Viv xx

  8. Hi sweetie i love the papers, i know how it is lol, i dont know who the other is what with me being so young pmsl... hugs pops x x

    ps did you know that fingertip crafts is closing on Saturday???

  9. Oh My Gosh what a perfect card for a 16 year old, she will love it! Peter Frampton OMG, Nuff said!!!!!

  10. This is a perfect girly card! She'll love it!

    Oo, David Essex! I loved him - and Donovan - and Al Stewart! They don't make 'em like that any more!

    luv, Mags x

  11. Hi Lynne

    What a wonderful card .. .. I love all those gorgeous layers. Great use of your punch and more of those gorgeous roses too. This must have used up loads of your snippets!!

    I wonder if your recipient will speak of Justin in the way you speak of Peter Frampton in years to come LOL!!

    I remember Peter Frampton very well and that voice box thing he used .. .. but I didn't drool over him.

    I fancied David Essex with his sultry eyes .. tee hee.

    Thank you for keeping me company again on my snippet mission.

    Love Jules xx

  12. LOL Oh she is going to LOVE this. Very fun and so teeny bopper card. Very creative as well.
    Stacy aka Twinshappy

  13. Great card for a teenager and Peter Frampton was sooo good!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous card Lynne! It looks so special with all those lovely layers and the roses. xx
    My first crush was Davey Jones from the Monkees when I was about 8, then it was Donny Osmond, then David Cassidy. I had loads of posters of David on my bedroom walls and I used to get undressed behind the wardrobe door because I felt as though he could see me - nutter!!

  15. Your card is genius Lynne! I loved Peter Frampton too, but David Essex was always the one for me!
    Love Sarita x

  16. Oh Lynne she will love this card, it so girly and with her fav popstar.
    I was a Donny girl with a nod to David Cassidy. I've since seen both of them in recent years on stage, Donny still has it not too sure about David though!
    Lynn x

  17. Ha Ha! Your post did take me back. I don't remember Peter Frampton, but my wall was covered with Bay City Rollers posters, from the middle of my Jackie and Smash Hits magazines!! :-)
    Fabulous card - love the lacey border and those gorgeous blooms.
    Caroline xxx


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