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Thursday, 25 August 2011

LiM Things that move part 2

Good morning all!
I made a second card for this weeks Less is More Challenge at the weekend but have only just got round to posting it. I thought my earlier butterfly card was a bit of a cop out seeing as I use butterflies so regularly. I remembered I had this stamp from Anita`s tucked away and although wheelbarrows need a helping hand, they do move.
I stamped straight onto the card and coloured with Promarkers.
The sentiment is Flourishes Tag Lines.
The photograph isn`t the best but the weather has been pretty rubbish here this week apart from monday which was glorious and just sent to tease us I think. How you can go from summer heat wave to autumn overnight baffles me but then most things do lol.

While I`m here I thought I`d give you a quick explanation on why I`m being such a misery guts.
Alan works for the public sector and as you all know there have been major cut backs across the country in all forms of council employment. While he was never on fantastic wages we managed quite well until about 15 months ago when his working system changed. It`s complicated but basically his work consists of 3 levels, core, periodic and emergency call out, with 3 levels of pay, core being the lowest. Emergency call out has all but dried up and periodics have been reduced by half leaving just core work. At the moment he has a lot of core work and is working 15 hour days and saturday mornings which means we hardly see each other and when we do he is so tired, he sleeps alot.It also means that over the last year or so, our income has gone down by about a third. With a lot of careful planning and belt tightening we have been managing but we have almost no disposable income. On sunday, the car that has been playing up for months decided it just wasn`t playing at all anymore and then on sunday evening the telly died. It wasn`t even a dramatic death, it just turned itself off, went pop and won`t come on again. So we are watching a very small portable at the moment. Now I know that in the grand scheme of things, being tellyless isn`t very important but you get to a point were you wonder what else life can throw at you. Well on monday we found out. Young Alan, our son, ( having two Alans is so confusing) had another scan on his knee. The first two were inconclusive as there was too much fluid but this time they were able to see the true extent of the damage. He has torn 75% of the medial ligament but this time they`ve found serious damage to the cruciate ligament too which means surgery. The wedding itself won`t be a problem although it`s not how you`d choose your wedding day to be but the honeymoon has had to be postponed because he won`t be able to fly for quite a while because of the risk of DVT. I think this was the last straw for me.
I know there are people in a worse state than us but you just think that life should be better than this. I don`t feel quite so miserable as I did at the beginning of the week, you`ve just got to get on with it I know and things can only get better but in the meantime I`m wallowing in self pity lol.

 Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous card hunni & sending you massive ((((hugs)))) in this time of need, hope things start to pick up soon!
    Hugs and xxx

  2. Hi matey, sorry to hear about your troubles. Being tellyless would be a big deal in our house too so I feel your pain. I think the whole country just feels a bit depressed at the minute - everyone seems to be "just coping" and I agree, you do hope (and need) something better. I know they're talking about a double-dip recession now, but I don't think we every really got out of the first one... Real bummer about the wedding and honeymoon too - hope the day itself goes well despite the difficulties.
    Hopefully you've had your run of bad luck now, and things will be on the up from here on out.......
    Tara x
    Oh and btw, the card is fabby!

  3. Oh dear, it does seem that things are a bit horrible for you, but chin up, it can only get better. Your son will heal, and the wedding will be wonderful, something lovely to look forward to Lynne.

    Love your wheelbarrow full of flowers, so beautifully coloured. xxx

  4. Love your card Lynne the flowers look so beautiful:) Sorry you're having such a stressful time but hopefully things will pick up and the wedding will be a joyful day! Thinking about your tv have you got a freecyle site in your area, it's amazing what folks give away and you may be lucky! check it out on the internet
    Val x

  5. Sorry to hear your news Lynne. Hope things improve really soon.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  6. The card is beautiful Lynne! Love the colours.

    So sorry to hear about your news, hope that everything sorts out.

    Warm hugs

  7. Beautiful card Lynne, hope things start to get better for you

  8. This is fabulous Lynne, I really hope that you have a turn of fortune very soon and that things start to get better.
    Have a wonderful wedding and I trust that the postponed honeymoon when it finally arrives will be wonderful and that the bridegroom will be in tip top health!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  9. Hi Lynne, Gorgeous card, there is something about a wheelbarrow full of flowers, just lovely:0) Your other LIM card is fabulous too, great sponging with the yellows and a beautiful butterfly:0)
    I'm sad things aren't going very well for you, sounds like you've had a really rotten time lately. I have my fingers crossed that things pick up for you very soon, hugs Gay xxx

  10. Well things can only get better as they say eh Lynne...hope its; very soon!
    Beautiful card, such intricate perfect colouring

    Thanks so much
    Diva LIM Mandi
    "Less is More"

  11. Lynne your card is lovely, sorry life isn't quite so sweet right now for you though. When life kicks us we can only try our best to think of the blessings .. The Wedding! a lovely daughter in law, and Big Alan's work is still there...thankfully, even though its toooo much work and not paid very well xx I do hope things get better very soon for you all and you feel less stressed. Sending you Huge Hugs xxxxx Mau
    Best wishes to young Alan for his surgery!

  12. Lynne - first of all - here's a hug for you {{{Lynne}}} - life seems to have thrown you a curved ball at the moment. I hope that Alan's work situation improves (although I know this is out of your control), I'm sure the wedding will be wonderful and that Alan will make a good recovery from his surgery. Take care - hugs xx

    Oh yes - the card is just gorgeous! So pretty - Here's mine!

  13. Hi Lynne,
    What can I say love, except I do know exactly how you feel. Even though Dave is working now, he's only guaranteed 20 hours a week and it's still so hard. Disposable income, what's that, lol! Last month I sold almost every rubber stamp I own on Ebay so that I could get the MOT done on my car!! Hope everything starts getting better for you soon and you know everything happens for a reason and really does turn out for the best in the end.

  14. Lynne, sometimes it does your soul good to wallow just a little. Just think of all that spare time you have without a telly! There are days when I deliberately don't turn the telly on, I play music and then get into things that I now have time to do! Look at it as your 'round tuit!' you know, all those things that you'll do when you get around to it?

    I'm sorry your son's injury is worse than expected, the positive thing is it will get better in time so it's a minor setback.

    Chin up my friend, have a fabulous day and enjoy the time without the 'idiot box' as we sometimes refer to the Telly! You'll be surprised how easy it is to live without it...LOL

    Kasey ~ in Oz

  15. Awww Lynne you really are having a rough time lately aren't you, here a big hug(well several) ((((((()))))). Do hope things begin to improve soon for you, there is always a silver lining as they say. The wedding will go swimmingly I am sure, despite the injury to Alan & leave you with lots of happy memories too.Love the card btw. that wheelbarrow looks so pretty with the lovely flowers :O) Viv xx

  16. A gorgeous card Lynne.

  17. great image and wonderful colouring...

    Hope things start to turn around soon and sometimes life is tough...your frustrations are very valid and need to be heard!

  18. Lynne, I love the wheelbarrow with the pretty flowers...a beautiful card!

    So sorry that things have been so rough for you and your family. The economy stateside isn't much better most of the time. On the upside...you still have your internet access. I could do without the television much better than I could do without my internet! I'll add you to my prayers....and I'm sending cyber hugs and hoping that life improves for you all! ♥♥ {{{{{Hugs}}}}♥♥

  19. oh dear sending hugs your way honey ... just doing a bit of blog hopping ... hope things get better for you ... and hope you can have a good bank holiday weekend ... happy crafting love sandy

  20. Sometimes just having a whinge and writing everything down can make you feel better about things, I know it does for me sometimes. It's also good to get it off your chest and have other people let you know that your worries are perfectly valid, which they are. I know just how you feel and it really isn't nice and I hope so much that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't far away for you :)

    Anyway, without a telly you'll have SO MUCH more time to hide yourself away in the loft and lose yourself in making some (more!) beautiful things - that's what I do to keep my sanity :)

    I know it's difficult, but try to remember that things cannot remain this way forever-life changes in a moment and the only way is up :)

  21. SO pretty, I think I may have that stamp, must get it out and try again.

  22. Good to get it out of your system Lynne-and glad you felt able to share on here. At least the wedding can go ahead - they can look forward to the honeymoon, I mean even the Royals didn't go straight away did they! My OH is self employed and finding it very tough. Hope things turn a corner for you.
    This is a lovely cas card.
    Lynn x


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