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Thursday, 11 August 2011

A very frustrating day, a near disaster...oh and a card...

Warning! Very long post.
More of a novel than a post actually, so grab a cuppa, sit comfortably and relax.
I`ll start with the horrible day I had yesterday. No, scrap that...I`ll start with last week when Alan was painting the kitchen. I asked him last thursday if he would put 2 pieces of coving up in the living room that has been waiting to be finished for nearly a year and then, this week I could start decorating. Did he put the coving up?
No! ( I don`t call him half a job Harry for nothing). So, having wasted almost half a weeks leave I thought, right I`ll show him, I`ll do the flipping coving. We`ve been married for 35 years and I`ve always done the painting and wall papering but anything else, coving, skirting boards that sort of thing, Alan always does. Anyway I get up bright and early, shifted furniture out of the way , measured the coving, found the adhesive. Could I find that mitre corner thingy? No!. I searched in the junk (tool) filled shed, I took the dogs in with me in case something nasty jumped out at me and I couldn`t find it anywhere. By this time I was beginning to get very frustrated and at the banging about, muttering under my breath stage. So I gave up and came up to the craft room. The trouble with that is that once I`m in that sort of mood, all my creativity goes out the window too making me even more frustrated. I eventually stamped a few images and took them downstairs to do some calming colouring. When Alan came home from work, he went straight into the shed, raked about in a box filled with  some perculiar bits and bobs and found the mitre thingy. Argh!!!
Then came the near disaster. My son, the one who is getting married, in church with all the bells and whistles, in just over 4 weeks,rang to tell us that he had hurt his knee playing football and was on crutches. Apparently he has torn the medial ligament badly and because there is still so much fluid around it, the scan couldn`t pick up whether he`s got cruciate ligament damage aswell. He has had a brace fitted and can`t play footie for 6 months, so it is bad. At this moment we don`t know how long he has to wear the brace for but if it`s longer than 4 weeks he`s going have to get his wedding trousers altered and walk down the aisle on crutches.
I think I want to cry lol.

Now that I`ve bored you all to death and caused mad depression around blog land I suppose I`d better show you my lastest make.

I was playing around really just trying out different colours on this stamp ( Orchids by Flourishes) and I quite like the effect I`ve achieved. The yellow is Promarker buttercup and the pink is Papermania pens which are water based but blend nicely with the promarkers. The problem then was finding a DP that wasn`t too dark or bright for the image. I found this one loose among my papers and I think it`s a Papermania Capsule but not 100%. anyway it goes perfectly with the image so I`m chuffed to bits.
I cut the DP into 4 equal pieces and stuck them onto a panel that is slightly smaller than the card.
I cut the image out with a nestie oval and matted it onto a labels 4 die cut piece of pink pearlescent card then just added a bow along the side.The sentiment is from the same Orchids set.
Having got my card all sorted I thought I have another go at the coving now that I got the right tool and after a bit of messing about and cutting, it`s up Yaaaay!
I`ve never done it before although I`ve watched Alan and I just thought I`ve got nothing to lose but my temper and some time and if it all goes wrong then Alan will have to put it right but, I finished at 11.45 and it`s still up there, and, if I may say so, a mighty fine job done too. Not perfect I`ll admit you have to look close to find the faults.
The only problem I have now is that now Alan knows I can do it, I`ll be doing it all the time. Sometimes I`m my own worse enemy.
Thanks for popping in...Lynne xxx


  1. Stunning card - can't believe how well the DP matches and you didn't even start with it!

    As for the DIY and disasters - OMG - no wonder you were fed up!!! Hope the coving stays up and hope even more your son is off crutches by the wedding....

    Tara x

  2. Oh Lynne, you've done it now! You have my sympathy! We have the decorator coming in a few weeks, I'm dreading it. You did make me laugh. I love your card xx Jan

  3. Oh Lynne what a time you've had!!!! I can only imagine the frustration too!! Oh no and now your poor son on crutches .......he will manage I am sure..."as long as they get married" was my mantra when anything went wrong at our latest wedding.I suggest you mutter that often it does help lol.
    Onto the lovely card, wow Lynne isn't it a cracker, I love it, love that combo of nesties too...must try that, well done you :O) Viv xx

  4. Lynne - you should never have done the coving! You'll be doing all the decorating now! I claim not to be able to do any of it - but that doesn't help as Jonathan doesn't do it either :) Glad you got the job done.

    Sorry to hear about your son - I know just how painful bad knees can be. I do hope that it's nothing too serious and that he can wear his suit without alterations for the Wedding day.

    Finally, and this should have been first, your card is so beautiful. I do like these orchids and the paper is fab! Wonderful job!

    PS I need the decorating done here !!!!

  5. Hi Lynne,

    Oh, I feel your stress from here, lol!! Well done you for doing the coving - I wouldn't have had a clue!! I know how you felt though because I get so impatient with Dave as he takes ages to start anything and then there's always something that's not quite finished!

    Your poor son! What on earth did his fiancee say?! The injuries our lads get from blinking football!!

    Despite all this, your card is beautiful!! The colour matching is perfect and the whole thing is so elegant (as usual!)


  6. Oh Dear Lynne so sorry on the day youve had the decoratings the same here always me it took me 2years to get cracking on our bedroom har har and what a shame on your sons injury hope it gets better for the wedding but at the end of the day a realy nice card came out of the ashes of the day take care Luv Sue x

  7. Hi sweetie this is STUNNINGKY GORGEOUS, totally amazing, good for you doing the coving i struggled with the mitre thing, I hope your son is ok, hugs pops x x x

  8. For that had happened and I'm sorry to hear about your son, your card turned out to be perfect, I love it.
    Hoipe today was better for you.

  9. Gorgeous card, and i love the look of the 2 nestie shapes together, it looks really effective. Well done on your coving attempt and i,m sure it will stay up. Good luck to your son and i pray he is off the crutches for his wedding. x

  10. Sorry to hear of all your misfortune but sometimes it's nice to hear that it happens to everyone and you aren't the only one out there. You did make a lovely card if that helps at all? Hoping things get brighter for you!

  11. You are brilliant at this style of card Lynne (as well as many others!) I love the ribbon and that pretty shaped nestie. You sound really fed up - and who wouldn't be? I wish your son a speedy recovery but it won't be the end of the world if he's on crutches at his wedding. As for the coving - you're a perfectionist Lynne and I bet it looks fantastic and will do for many years to come. (But you might as well get yourself a pair of overalls and a plumbing manual now!) Hope you have a really good weekend now! Vx

  12. Oh Lynne what a day you had....I do hope that your son recovers quickly too.
    I am so lucky to have a hubbie that does everything I am so spoilt....Your card is lovely
    love the muted colours


  13. OMG! Poor you (and your son). Mega amounts of stress everywhere.

    Is the coving still up? (I'm just teasing . . . I have every faith in you). But you've gone and done it now . . . you'll have to start calling him "no job Harry) if you carry on like this!

    Wishing your son a speedy recovery.

    Hugs, Sandra


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